1. Learn How to Transfer Web Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Mobile App Users
3/10/2015 10:46:21 PM
Learn How to Transfer Web Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Mobile App Users
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Learn How to Transfer Web Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Mobile App Users

Learn How to Transfer Web Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Mobile App Users

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Many mobile app developers don’t realize that much of the wealth and depth of marketing tactics that have been created for the web transfer well to mobile app marketing.

Take for example these different analytics terms for the web and the equivalents for mobile:

- Web visitors = app users
- Web pageviews = app sessions
- Web pages = app screens
- Time on website = app session length
- Web conversions = app events
- Target web audience = app user segment

As you can see, no matter if its the web or an app, theses analytics boil down to individuals and their activities. And that’s the key to transferring web marketing tactics to mobile apps - understanding the similarities for engagement between the two platforms.

The caveat for leveraging web tactics to mobile is to understand that there are fundamental differences between how people behave on the web versus in apps. People typically turn to the Internet when they are searching for content and launch apps when they are looking to complete a task. Yes, you can use web marketing tactics for mobile, but understanding why people are engaging with apps will direct how you transfer these skills.

To help understand how to leverage web marketing tactics for mobile apps, Localytics has published “App Marketing for Web Marketers” an in-depth publication which offers 40 pages of advice and guidance on the topic.

Sections of the publication include:

- The Familiar Face of Web Marketing
- The New Frontier of App Marketing
- This = That: Your Web to App Equivalents Chart
- Your Tools for Measuring Engagement
- SEO & ASO: Two Peas in the Same Pod
- Identifying Your Prospects and Their Behaviors
- Building a Relationship by Optimizing Your Funnel
- Push and In-App Messaging: The Mobile Version of Email Marketing
- The Role of Great Content
- How to Make Your App Social
- The Biggest Difference Between Web Marketing vs. App Marketing

The book is offered as a free download and is available on the Localytics website.

Read more: http://info.localytics.com/download-ebook-app-mark...

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