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We are a monthly industry trade publication that is dedicated to the mobile app developer and the mobile industry as a whole. 

Our goal is to provide relevant news and information in a snapshot view that offers app developers a place where they can get the latest information about products and services that help them to build, market, monetize, and deliver better apps across all of the mobile ecosystem.

Throughout our publication you will find information as it relates to mobile development globally, not just in one platform or language. We look at everything in mobile development as a global movement and want to keep developers informed of everything happening "all over" not just in a single area. We think options are a good thing to have with such a growing industry.

Hey, we get tired of all of the "noise" too, and mis-information that confuses folks about what you really need to do to get your app to the market, we weed through all of that for you and deliver to you only the best content you'll need to make your app a success in the market.

Our website provides up to the minute news and information you can keep as a resource to check throughout the day, or get our newsletter for weekly roundups of what's been happening. It's also the place you can come and read digital monthly issues that are identical to the printed version of the magazine. We have iOS, Android, and other markets Newsstand apps as well, where the publication can be accessed from while being mobile.

We're proud to offer the definitive magazine for the app developer. What does this mean to you? It means that you will receive a wealth of information to help you along your journey as an app developer and entrepreneur. 

Each issue is packed with the monthly information you can use to help you make decisions on how you make, design, market, and even monetize your apps. We offer relevant articles, new product announcements, developer tips, monetization secrets, and much more! Take a look at the sample issue to get a glimpse.
We are confident that once you've had a chance to experience App Developer Magazine you'll agree that the magazine is unlike any other available and will become an invaluable source of information, and will become the best asset you have in your tool-belt.

Please consider joining us, and let us provide you a tool that will become an invaluable asset in your mobile development toolbox.

Richard Harris
Executive Editor

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