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App Developer Magazine March 2017

March 2017

There is a lot happening for mobile developers in March, from GDC, to the Mobile World Congress, and SXSW, there is no shortage of news! This latest issue includes pre-coverage of most events, as well as over 20 articles including: Using virtual currency in your game, Interesting uses for WebRTC, Ways to reduce churn with a mobile app,Embracing RAD app development,Mobile automation testing tips, The A to Z of low-code app development, App customer loyalty, Oracle chats about the new data integrator cloud service, Overcoming the app marketing sticking point, Why top engineers choose startups over big brands, and much more.
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App Developer Magazine February 2017

February 2017

This month we talked to several industry leaders in the mobile space, including FileMaker, HP Enterprise, AppThis, a former NASA AI Expert, and more, to get insights on everything from Artificial Intelligence factors, selling apps Internationally, native mobile ads, increasing your eCPM, scanning for JavaScript problems, and other hot topics - 26 features in all!
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App Developer Magazine January 2017

January 2017

Get predictions for 2017 from thought-leaders in the industry like IBM, Yahoo, Flurry, and more. Read unique interviews with Salesforce, ServiceNow, Undo. Check out the in depth reading on how to stop crashes inside your app, team collaboration tools, and an exclusive Facebook tutorial how on to grow your audience. Lots more inside!
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App Developer Magazine December 2016

December 2016

Get geared up for 2017 with 94 pages of app developer advice. Leading stories from why software is no longer being written from scratch, The Experts Exchange paywall removal, Apple's ATS deadline for all iOS apps, plus get some great advice from a developer advocate with IBM, and meet Dav Glass from Yahoo - who loves teaching people of all ages.
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App Developer Magazine November 2016

November 2016

We really tried to keep this issue under 100 pages but it was just impossible! Inside the November 2016 issue you can read how to humanize digital conversations, from a Master Inventor at IBM. Learn how to build a secure app from the ground up, by two Engineers at Facebook! Also be sure to read 3 trends in app marketing from Google. There are 30 featured articles inside, plus the monthly news highlights. Do not miss this one!
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App Developer Magazine October 2016

October 2016

Wondering how to go about getting a patent for your app, we got you covered with a featured legal article, also find out how iOS 10 is going to benefit your iOS apps, get some great Bitbucket tips, see if your app is hack-proof, read about how RAD is changing everything, and a ton more. Definitely an issue you won't want to miss, over 90 pages!
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App Developer Magazine September 2016

September 2016

This month we interview the creator of Trivia Crack, give you 4 Ways apps will transform the enterprise, show you how Pokemon Go will change your apps, offer 5 reasons your daily scrum is boring, tell you what it's like being a Big Data developer with Apache Hadoop, teach you how Enterprise Resource Planning is being reinvented, and more! Over 20 featured articles and loads of news for your late summer round-up.
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App Developer Magazine August 2016

August 2016

Advice for developers using geo location in their apps, we dive into the sell my app marketplace, a chat with with the Weather Company about how they are helping IBM, moving beyond QR codes, Ad-blocking, and more.
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App Developer Magazine July 2016

July 2016

It's July and we've got some HOT app development stories, interviews, and tips for you! Hear from the president of 360 Games, IBM talks Swift in the Enterprise, Ignite for React Native Apps, get the goods on Oracle Linux, and much more!
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App Developer Magazine June 2016

June 2016

FileMaker 15 is here and we chat with Andy LeCates to tell you all about it. Also, do you think Apple or Google is going to do app security for you - think again! find ways to open-source your ideas, why agile development will work this time, and a recipe for a best selling app -all inside!
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App Developer Magazine May 2016

May 2016

In this issue we have over 25 featured articles! Find out why companies are falling short in meeting consumer mobile expectations, why you might be afraid of ASO, how to Self-Organize your team, Learn about the Salesforce new Process Builder, plus Insights from Flurry, Intel, Orasi, Microsoft, and more!
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App Developer Magazine April 2016

April 2016

96 wonderful pages with over 40 featured articles! What else could you ask for to kick of Spring development happiness! Inside get the goods on how to get your organization Agile ready, protecting your app from imposters, how to convert a web app to a native app, and tons more.
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App Developer Magazine March 2016

March 2016

Get your green on this March because we've got a ton of lucky articles for you! Check out what the Parse shutdown really means, learn how to use programatic ad mediation, and cloud sandboxes, IoT interconnectivity challenges, and much more!
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App Developer Magazine February 2016

February 2016

Ah the month of love, and we've got plenty of it for our readers! Chatting With Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson, The Impact of DevOps and Machine Learning, 7 Tips to Increase App Shelf Life, Mastering App Data Collection, Drew Burns of Adobe Talks about Mobile Marketing, More 2016 Predictions, and all the regular news.
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App Developer Magazine January 2016

January 2016

Over 20 features in this first issue of 2016! Read about bootstrapping development, biometric security, what you are likely missing when testing, plus get some predictions from thought leaders in the industry.
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App Developer Magazine December 2015

December 2015

Another year is ending, and mobile is stronger than ever. In this issue learn about Immersive Mobile Experiences, Programmatic Ad Mediation, Dual Biometrics, Changes Coming to DevOps in 2016, plus much more to get you all revved up for the new year!
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App Developer Magazine November 2015

November 2015

2015 is quickly coming to an end! Developers everywhere are scrambling to to their apps updated for the holidays and we can help with great content this month like, knowing which app features are drawing the most cash, agile coding lessons, getting app store downloads for free, and knowing what's wrong with app development today.
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App Developer Magazine October 2015

October 2015

Can you feel it? The end of 2015 is coming! What better tool to have to get ready for the holiday then great advice from us! 12 featured articles inside from needing to know what iOS 9 has in store for us developers, to what feature your app might be missing! Oh - and you can't miss the cover story about new C++ tools from Jetbrains!
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App Developer Magazine September 2015

September 2015

Autumn is almost here, the air is getting colder, and somehow you've got to stay current with what's going on in the app industry! Inside this issue find out what the cloud and economics have to to with each other, successful user targeting, going native or platform, Windows 10 and gaming, and over 8 other features!
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App Developer Magazine August 2015

August 2015

How much can a custom font type help your app, designing a seamless UX, must-haves for cloud apps, what's holding back the mobile advertising revolution, and so so much more! Over 15 featured articles this month, along with the need to know news.
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App Developer Magazine July 2015

July 2015

Read how to make apps that stick, boost revenue by increasing the user experience, the secrets to user acquisition, and service virtualization with ERP. Plus over 5 more bonus articles in this issue you won't want to miss!
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App Developer Magazine June 2015

June 2015

Cover story, Implementing continuous delivery. Also read the top 5 Tips for RESTful APIs, key considerations when monetizing, how to tap into the native advertising, drive traffic to your app by localizing, and much more. 10 features from mobile experts in all, plus the news, and industry spotlights.
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App Developer Magazine May 2015

May 2015

Want to get your head around IoT? The May issue focuses on helping app developers do just that, with top articles about how IoT is going to effect business developers, what you need to know about marketing, personalization, successful continuous delivery strategies, and a ton more!
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App Developer Magazine April 2015

April 2015

A focus on developer hiring trends is the highlight of our April 2015 issue. There is loads of other content too, like an Overview of Delivering Microservices-Based Applications, Database Technology Review, TEE and Android App Development, and How the Apple App Store is Changing Computer Science Curriculums. 14 featured articles from experts in mobile, plus the news!
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App Developer Magazine March 2015

March 2015

Show me the money! March is all about finding that pot of gold and with a little help from our experts we can help! A Look at the Profitable App Publishing Models, Ad Mediation, Modernizing Your App, and Moving Saas Customers From Free To Paid are just a few inside.
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App Developer Magazine February 2015

February 2015

This month we focus on app marketing! Great articles from using personalization app marketing methods, to finding out what channels will be most effective in 2015 - we are covering what you need to know to be a successful app marketer in 2015.
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App Developer Magazine January 2015

January 2015

We welcome another exciting year in mobile with several featured articles! Learn how to not get into the VC tuning trap, ovoid OS disruption, finding the right development firm of your next project, and more!
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App Developer Magazine December 2014

December 2014

Be ready for the new year with awesome tips about helping your ASO, learn about how to make an app without coding, how to navigate media buying for your app, crowd testing, tips for making enterprise apps and loads more in our end of the year issue for 2014.
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App Developer Magazine November 2014

November 2014

The Holidays are here and we have November's issue jam packed with marketing advice from mobile experts to help your downloads soar this season!
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App Developer Magazine October 2014

October 2014

App Rating Appscore Standard, Freemium or Paid Debate, Conversation Rate Optimization and User Engagement, Cloud Based Development, App Idea Research Tools, plus 12 other featured articles!
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App Developer Magazine September 2014

September 2014

Fall is coming, are you and your apps ready? Inside our September issue there is lots of great expert advice on growing your mobile app business, How to make your app a hit, predicting when apps get the most downloads, more on localization, jailbreaking, and much more! Over 17 featured articles plus the news and spotlights.
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App Developer Magazine August 2014

August 2014

Lots of features this month! Why Google and Android Are Not the Same, iOS App Design, Why Saas and Continuous Delivery Is a Match Made in Heaven, App Promotion Via Podcasts, New Regulations to Protect Kids, Creating a Rich Second Screen Experience, Getting Your App World-Ready, What Developers Need to Know About Apple's HealthKit and HIPAA Compliance, Apple vs. Facebook, over 13 features this month!
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App Developer Magazine July 2014

July 2014

Amazon's Fire Phone, Smooth App Publishing, Asia's Gold Mine, Getting Endorsed by Mommy Bloggers, What to look for when seeking investors, Localizing your app, and Riley vs. California decision, plus loads more news and info
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App Developer Magazine June 2014

June 2014

Exclusive articles from founders, CEO's and Experts! Tizen Arrives in a Ripe Market, Apple Vs. Android in the Enterprise, 5 Solutions for Development Problems, plus tons more features, WWDC converge, and more.
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App Developer Magazine May 2014

May 2014

Use Facebook to Get App Installs, 4 Money Making Models For Apps, How to Capture Maximum Revenue, The Right Way to Invest Into the Mobile Market, IoT Meets VR, and Why Banks Struggle with Saas Companies. Plus other features, and all the news!
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App Developer Magazine April 2014

April 2014

App Developers and the Law, The Top 10 App Fails, How To Use In App Purchases Effectively, Rise of the DevOps, Learn To Use Twitter for App Marketing, and Tons more, along with the hottest Spring news!
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App Developer Magazine March 2014

March 2014

Get great advice on how to market without spending tons of cash, get caught up on the NSA's latest app spying, the hottest app marketing trends for 2014, Deeplinks, Leaky apps and much more.
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App Developer Magazine Feb14

February 2014

Get advice on how to target your push alerts, use social media to promote your app for free, API monetization, learn about CES 2014, get the top things for entrepreneurs to know about mobile app development, where profits are hiding in the app store, and loads more!
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App Developer Magazine Jan14

January 2014

Over 12 featured articles and tons of new product news and information inside our first issue of 2014! From app icon trademarks to what you think you know about COPPA is all inside.
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App Developer Magazine Dec13

December 2013

In this issue we wanted to highlight some year-end topics as well as help propel you forward and prep for 2014! We have some great developer interviews with tips from them on how to stay successful, how to manage your app project, FTC and mobile issues coming, Retail Apps in 2013, LUA language musings, and loads more.
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App Developer Magazine Nov13

November 2013

Get the most from your app with incredible how to's and articles in our November 2013 issue which includes articles on Performance Testing, App Loyalty, Platform Choice, Requirements Gathering, and tons of other great tips and articles, along with industry spotlights that will help you maximize profits this holiday season.
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App Developer Magazine Oct13

October 2013

Inside the October issue, Peach tells us what not to name your app, a reader tip on why ASO isn't the only choice for marketing, learn why poor analytics can kill your game launch, we talk Microsoft and Nokia, and we give you 5 reasons why HTML 5 might be the right choice for your next app development project, plus loads more don't miss it!
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App Developer Magazine Sept13

September 2013

Inside this issue we have the Top Global Apps report from Distimo you won't want to miss! NTIA's code of conduct for app developers and how it's going to affect your app development efforts, why push notifications should be a part of most apps, what to consider with COPPA compliancy when developing apps, everything you need to know about app store optimization, and loads more!
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App Developer Magazine Aug13

August 2013

This issue is overflowing with genius editorials covering advanced marketing, new Coppa regulations app developers need to know, how to cash in on your app revenue with game offers, marketing with no money, phonegap, prototyping, communication lessons for developers, and tons more - you won't want to miss it!
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App Developer Magazine July13

July 2013

Apps Act 2013, Assets for App Creation, App Marketing 101, How to Increase Your App Ranking, Old School Vs. New School Marketing, Advolution, Developer Interviews, News, and much more!
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App Developer Magazine June13

June 2013

Our inaugural issue! June 2013 was our very first issue and you can view it in it's entirety here for free! The articles inside include, Cross Platform App Development, The Pains of App Development Contract Work, Alternative Ways of Monetizing Apps, Intro Into Corona, Monthly News, Tips, and much more!
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