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    App Developer Magazine October 2021 issue

    October 2021

    Featured this month, we have an exclusive with Nigel Thorpe, technical director at SecureAge, about recent attacks on the gaming companies EA, Nintendo, and CD Projekt Red. He shares his advice for protecting your source code, reducing the attack surface, and how to prevent social engineering attacks. Also, be sure to check out how to mint NFTs on Ripple and get funded with the Creator Fund of $250 million. Zach Burks from Mintable, Sarah Lent from VSA Partners, James Sun from mintNFT, and Monica Long from Ripple also chime in to talk all about minting NFTs on Ripple! If you missed the 2021 national coding week, we have you covered with a recap from some industry experts Jeff Keyes, Paul Farrington, and Svenja de Vos. Even more, we looked into how Hedera Hashgraph is expanding its ecosystem. We took a look at the results from the Disrupting the Economics of Software Testing Through AI report from Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). We also covered how the gaming industry continues to rise, what new smart contract languages that Partisia Blockchain is using, and how Intuit acquired Mailchimp for a whopping $12B! And don't miss our check-in with wasmClouds about new updates to their platform and the recently launched neural decision processor from Syntiant Corp.

    App Developer Magazine September 2021 issue

    September 2021

    In this month's issue, we have an exclusive with Alex Chalkias from Canonical about Kubernetes for the enterprise, where he explained how K8s and containerization are a true game-changer for enterprises and help improve speed, agility, and efficiency. Also, be sure to check out the exclusive with Kelly McIvor from AdColony about in-app header bidding. She answers questions about header bidding and explains the surge in in-app adoption in 2021. We also cover the lawsuit from US developers that swayed Apple and we caught up with Matthijs de Vries from AllianceBlock and chatted about the benefits of their Blockchain protocol AllianceBlock. What are the best-selling smartphones in 2021? We cover the top three selling smartphones and the sales might surprise you in Europe. Even more, we have updates about AI smart contracts, Agile software development, Amazon location services, and many more. Lastly don't forget to check out how to how to get app reviews the right way, why you need positive app reviews, and insights for the iOS 14 privacy prompts.

    App Developer Magazine August 2021 issue

    August 2021

    In this month's issue, we've got an exclusive with Andrey Kazakov from Adjust about how to grow your gaming app by looking at the data coming from your users. He also shared with us why it is more important than ever for developers to understand what’s driving success. We cover the best SaaS product award recognitions and a recap from the GDC 2021 Awards. Learn about LiFi, the wireless communication technology that uses LEDs, and how HomeGrid Forum and Signify are innovating LiFi applications. We've got updates from iPilot, Sumo Logic, Couchbase, and many other industry experts!

    App Developer Magazine July 2021 issue

    July 2021

    This month you won't want to miss the exclusive app developers guide by Alex Ritchie from AdColony that covers the 2 pillars of privacy, the layman test, and the predicted impacts of iOS 14.5 on the mobile advertising industry. Plus, be sure to check out an alternative to Google Play, Uptodown, the app store that improves privacy and guarantees users and developers the right to choose where to get their apps from. Even more, we caught up with Shaun Walker, technical director and enterprise guild master at Cognizant Softvision, and talked about the comparisons between software product engineering and hockey. What is a productivity API? We cover everything you need to know about Nylas, the communications API platform for modern email, scheduling, and work automation tools for developers and enterprises. Also be sure to check out Ospera Salesforce automation, ABBYY updates, and much more!

    App Developer Magazine June 2021 issue

    June 2021

    Why is an app Teslas CX weapon? We caught up with Subrah Iyar, CEO of Moxtra to hear more about Tesla's superior app and overall CX compared to GM and other auto brands. This month we have a lot of exclusives that you won't want to miss including updates from IBM, Bugsnag, SmartBear, GameBake, and more! Want to know an easier way to manage apps on Kubernetes environments? We got you covered, plus we also had the opportunity to speak with Yogesh Gupta, CEO of Progress Software about why compliance automation will be topping the tech priority list this year. Also be sure to check out how app developers can attract more brand spending in apps, and why not all security vulnerabilities are equal.

    App Developer Magazine May 2021 issue

    May 2021

    iOS 14.5 is here and we have a conversation with Liz Waldeck-Pinckert from AdColony about how the new consumer-facing privacy features will change everything about your apps - don't miss this one. Calvin Hendryx-Parker, co-founder of Six Feet Up about how the Python programming language is taking over the world. Plus in another exclusive, Jason Bahl, Principal Software Engineer at WP Engine talks about headless web architecture and the advantages it provides to developers. And, be sure to check out Applitool's free virtual event, and Adjust's new mobile app growth report. Plus loads more inside!

    App Developer Magazine April 2021 issue


    Just as Bitcoin hits an all-time high we speak with Monica Long, General Manager at RippleX speaks on building on top of the XRPL blockchain. We've also got the goods on working with AR using just one line of code inside your apps. A talk about App Tracking Transparency (ATT) that is set to drop on iOS in 14.5. Plus Ensurem dives into the complex world of shopping for Medicare and talks about how AI is changing the way people are finding care. Plus loads more inside!

    App Developer Magazine March 2021 issue


    Looking for a job as a developer? We've got an exclusive with the CEO of Vettery (formerly Hired) to discuss the findings from a new developer survey, plus he talks all about the AI-driven hiring marketplace. Hear what Adjust announced about TikTok, plus learn all about the Nureva Developer Toolkit, and tons more all inside.

    App Developer Magazine February 2021 issue


    Tons of exclusives this month! We go one-on-one with Jon Hudson to chat about the 5 trends shaping the future of mobile apps. Plus insider info about why investing in Bitcoin by baby boomers and Gen X is climbing. Learn how gaming is a full-time job. We chat with Michael Biercuk from Q-CTRL about how quantum computing companies face new challenges in 2021. An interview with Tim Jarrett at Veracode about improving security posture with static application security testing. Henry Mahncke talks about how Tom Brady defies age using the app BrainHQ. We also caught up with Andre Liverod, founder and CEO of AetherHub, to find out how successful gaming apps are being built using Overwolf, plus he shares an overview of the platform and how the MTGA assistant enhances gaming.

    App Developer Magazine January 2021 issue


    Mobile app industry predictions issue for 2021! Why Low Code will become the mainstay in 2021, cryptocurrency investment predictions for 2021, plus we chat with Patricio Echague, CTO and co-founder of Split Software, about VSM predictive analytics coming to the forefront in 2021. Also, we chat with Cory House from Pluralsight about the importance of Javascript, how it is timeless, the impact it has, and the future of Javascript. And another exclusive, Adjust app marketers, Paul H. Miller (CTO), Katie Madding (CPO), and Andy Chandler, weigh in on their predictions for 2021 on what mobile marketers need to know from OTT media opportunities to iOS 14. Chieh Liu, Overbit CEO, predicts why blockchain is the future and blockchain and cryptocurrencies will disrupt the mobile app development space in 2021. Lastly, be sure to check out why Infragistics predicts Low Code tool adoption to increase in 2021.

    App Developer Magazine December 2020 issue

    December 2020

    In this months issue, check out how to avoid mobile phone apps from leaking your data, app store commission cuts, CI and CD can make the difference for your business, plus we chat with Sven Drummer, product marketer at Akamai about how developers can serve next-gen format images and automate processes to support all browser formats. Also, we chat with Brooke Willcox, Director, Digital Business Development & Emerging Media at MNI Targeted Media about the latest iOS 14 IDFA opt-in requirements and how they affect the mobile app economy. We also got to chat with Omavi Walker, Senior Software Engineer at Brightspot about the evolution of content management systems and the future of content overload. And another exclusive, Rob Whiteley, VP of Marketing at NGINX takes a deeper analysis of containers and how digital transformation speed can be more important than software stability.

    App Developer Magazine November 2020 issue


    In this months issue, check out the launch of Density Open Area, unlocking the business value of continuous delivery, plus we chat with Javier Perez, open source program leader at IBM about the history of open source and how listening to developers can benefit you. Also, we chat with Markus Ramark, the CEO of GameRefinery about their latest genre snapshot report that takes a closer look at mobile game monetization, and Strategy Genre. And another exclusive, Doug Dooley takes a deeper analysis of the Trump and Biden app vulnerabilities and reveals that the Official Trump 2020 App is nearly 3x as secure as the Vote Joe App on Android but on iOS they both scored bad.

    App Developer Magazine October 2020 issue

    October 2020

    Publishing in the app store has changed dramatically in 2020 so there's a lot to be in the know about App Store Optimization for 2021 (ASO), we have insights about ASO and mobile marketing strategies to keep developers ready for the year to come. Learn about a new worldwide study that highlights why more than 80% of organizations have experienced a significant increase in pressure on digital services since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. How to evolve your product names and visual branding in the midst of the powerful movement to abolish racism in all forms. And it has been nearly 2 years since GDPR went into effect across Europe, why the old way of doing business has become insufficient.

    App Developer Magazine September 2020 issue

    September 2020

    Exclusive content this month, we sit down with Jean Ortiz-Luis, Marketing Communications Specialist at AdColony about mobile advertising during the pandemic, learn what unexpected trends you as a mobile marketer need to be aware of this year. Simon Crosby, CTO at Swim talks about the challenges of the next generation of apps and how things like Stream processing and continuous intelligence can help. Sirish Raghuram, CEO and co-founder of Platform9 offers his expertise on Kubernetes advantages and challenges. Ameya Talwalkar, co-founder of Cequence shares her knowledge on the API guardrails you need to put in place before using a 3rd party API. Also check out why fitness app installs are up 67%, Kadena's public blockchain increases to 20 chains, cloudtamer io and Kublr team up, and Flight to the Future adds one million drone-based jobs in the US.

    App Developer Magazine August 2020 issue

    August 2020

    In this months issue, check out the GDC 2021 event schedule, Applitools adds AI capabilities, plus we chat with Colin Earl, chief executive officer and founder of Agiloft, about what’s holding businesses back from jumping on the AI train. Kevin Crawley offers his expertise about game theory, mesh technologies, serverless computing, and more. Alan Turcu, mobile and AI community manager at Cognizant Softvision gives thoughts on trends during the pandemic and what to expect from future app development post COVID19. Also check out Amazon’s Interactive Video service, how to scale applications for COVID-19, and the advanced cloud engineer bootcamp from The Linux Foundation.

    App Developer Magazine July 2020 issue

    July 2020

    Atari's new partners, GitLab acquires Peach Tech and Fuzzit, plus we chat with Matt Martin, chief executive officer of Clockwise about about what to do if your tech job just laid you off. Glenn Gruber, senior digital strategist at Anexinet, discusses how COVID-19 has changed app development, and AppsFlyer releases their first retargeting report. And another exclusive, PayPal plans to roll out direct sales of cryptocurrency to its 325 million users within the next few months. Also check out Instaclustr's newest addition, Epic Games new partner, and everything you need to know about PubMatic OpenWrap OTT.

    App Developer Magazine June 2020 issue

    June 2020

    Get the results from the 2020 quarterly mobile index report. We talk with Ethan Beard, senior Vice President of Xpring at Ripple about how developers are leveraging blockchain today, and the true potential of building on blockchain. Also inside, see the developer survey report from HackerEarth. Dinis Cruz, chief information security officer at Glasswall speaks about gamification's role in security.

    App Developer Magazine May 2020 issue

    May 2020

    Inside this month we've got the details on new features from WS02 API manager! We chat with James Smith, chief executive officer at Bugsnag about measuring app stability and why it is the key to reduce technical debt. SmartGurlz founder Sharmi Albrechtsenher beat out 40,000 other entrepreneurs on ABC's Shark Tank and closed a deal. Also BlackBerry and ZTR partner to launch a new digital railcar solution, plus The Linux Foundation announced it's expanding its Mentorship Program in response to COVID-19 with seed funding from Intel.

    App Developer Magazine April 2020 issue

    April 2020

    In this months issue, check out new app rendering tools from Applitools, free scholarships to Codecademy Pro, GDC 2020 virtual awards, plus we chat with Tushar Patel, chief marketing officer at Cleo about the coronavirus ripple effect. We also get an exclusive with Ravi Balupari, vice president of engineering and threat research at CloudVector about improving DevOps processes with an API catalog and how developers can use them to improve their DevOps processes.

    App Developer Magazine March 2020 issue

    March 2020

    In this months issue, check out Iowa caucus app woes from a developer perspective, IoT streaming to help revitalize neonatal care, plus we chat with Ramine Roane, vice president of AI and software at Xilinx about why they believe making hardware easy for software developers is key to driving today's greatest innovations. We chat with Sagi Dudai, Chief Technology Officer of Vonage about the evolution of Infrastructure as a Service and the impact it has on other industries and markets. And another exclusive, we recently caught up with Mendix's low-code application development expert Jon Scolamiero to get his thoughts on what happened at the Iowa Caucus, how low-code can drive innovations for future elections, and the risks involved for all of us.

    App Developer Magazine February 2020 issue

    February 2020

    We spoke with Michael Hunger from Neo4j to find out what their company is all about. Discover a new solution aimed at both the training and testing of AI experiences to address some of the common problem companies face when developing and releasing algorithms. We chat with Vidhya Srinivasan from BMC about IT operations in artificial intelligence. Learn the best Practices for Kubernetes deployments from Portshift. We've for the Applitools Visual AI Rockstar Hackathon winners, plus much more.

    App Developer Magazine January 2020 issue

    January 2020

    The start of a new year and we've got exclusives! Inside, learn how to get user engagement in 2020, build vs buying mobile app code contention, Learn how cloud computing is changing the developer world from IBM, a 2019 Quantum Computing Industry Retrospective, we chat with Rich Sharples from RedHat to talk about the history and the future of Java, and much more.

    App Developer Magazine December 2019 issue

    December 2019

    Tejas Gadhia, head of unified development platform product management at Zoho, discusses the benefits of working in a serverless environment, how developers should approach privacy and security, and why a solid foundation helps them achieve scale. Dave Brunswick, VP, Solutions at Cleo, discusses how this outside-in approach helps companies not only serve their existing business ecosystem but also enables them to expand into new revenue streams. A discussion with Nick Nance from Credit Karma about the challenges and benefits of moving from monolith to microservices. Insight into how blockchain technology is removing the friction related to creating and marketing new asset classes, and how developers can make use of AVA's platform for their own projects. and how the Panion social app is fighting loneliness in Sweden

    App Developer Magazine November 2019 issue

    November 2019

    Learn how to attract top developer talent, find out what Ossum is, John Gentry, discusses what is AIOps, the roles AIOps plays in enterprises, gain insights into feature experimentation for your software, help understanding cloudnative, we chat with Sylvia Brune about her journey on developing the booking app AHOY, plus we've also got some iOS 13 developer changes you might have missed.

    App Developer Magazine October 2019 issue

    October 2019

    The number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the road increases every year. Now that drivers are considering the switch to EVs, some common questions arise, and apps optimized for EV drivers are a big opportunity for developers. Manoj Chaudhary, CTO and VP of Engineering at Jitterbit, discusses e-iPaaS value, and the critical role enterprise integration plays as one of the crucial catalysts for companies of all sizes looking to grow and scale. Offer Yehudai, President at Fyber explains how identifying user patterns, segmenting users into clusters, and customizing the gameplay experience based on behavior can bring game developers more revenue. The DMV is selling driver data and Eve Maler, co-creator of the XML language has a few things to say about how DMV's across the nation are making millions by selling driver data to a variety of companies, including insurance companies, tow companies, and more. We chat with Sacha Labourey about how IBM acquiring Red Hat will impact open source, and what it means for the open-source community. We chat with Ben Wald, co-founder of Very, about ethics standards and security protocols app developers should follow. iOS 13 testing challenges heavily impact test lab coverage, but teams will also need to have a focused test matrix to ensure testing of iOS12 devices, which currently represent the lion's share of the market.

    App Developer Magazine September 2019 issue

    September 2019

    Developer's dilemma: Toolchain hell and how Ossum integrates agile planning, git, and continuous integration into one smart platform. Developing Blockchain Dapps with Factom (FAT protocol) We spoke with Greg Forst, Factom Protocol Marketing Chair, about how many organizations are developing Blockchain Dapps with Factom (FAT protocol), and what developers can expect when they get involved too. Hot Wheels Infinite Loop mobile game released Mattel releases the mobile platform Hot Wheels Infinite Loop for fans ages 13+, first-ever free to play game for the Hot Wheels brand.

    App Developer Magazine August 2019 issue

    August 2019

    Featured this month, why waiting to implement app-ads.txt into your code can hurt your revenue stream and further a message to the buy-side of programmatic ads that you don't care about a murky advertising system. How developers can testing software updates with production traffic, ultimately can help in reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Roger Neel, founder and CTO at Mavenlink, discusses the risk of an abundance of technology across the business and best practices for developing a well-planned integration strategy. Understanding edge computing is important when factoring in what technology to build your application on. Do you select the cloud, or the edge? Edge computing expert, Jonathan Kyle weighs in. The future of AI in advertising is going to be interesting and for Instreamatic, voice enabling advertising inside audio-centric mobile apps is a win-win for everyone. We chat with Eric Anderson, Principal at Scale Venture Partners, about the cloud infrastructure battle, and what cloud providers might look like in ten years.

    App Developer Magazine July 2019 issue

    July 2019

    In this issue, how true edge computing solutions with real-time data enrichment benefit industrial and commercial organizations embarking on the path toward digital transformation. We talk with Peter Yared, founder of InCountry, and former CTO of CBS to get his take on GDPR for app developers and "splinternet". Todd Scallen tells us about value Stream Management and how to use it in your software development process. Learn how to deliver software faster, and Ryan Duguid, chief evangelist at Nintex, discusses how enterprises can identify company influencers to aid in the implementation phases of automation projects.

    App Developer Magazine June 2019 issue

    June 2019

    Learn the differences in blockchain and decentralized apps from Ken Anderson, Chief Developer Advocate for LinkedIn. We talk with John Pocknell of Quest Software about the changes of GDPR over the last year and what the future holds. A world with no passwords and how FIDO2 can help make it happen. Crowdsourced security and bug bounty adoption is spreading. Dan McCormick, co-founder of and the original developer at Shutterstock, talks about the competition delivering personalized experiences without being creepy like Amazon. How implementing manageable AI is beneficial in today's enterprise where the use of artificial intelligence in business overall is growing. How programmatic ads help you calculate the LTV of your app users and increase mobile app profitability. Sophie Harpur details the steps companies who are new to feature experimentation can take to get on the path to successful product experimentation. Plus App ads.txt and developer responsibility.

    App Developer Magazine May 2019 issue

    May 2019

    Adil Aijaz, CEO and co-founder of Split, talks with us about how developers should implement feature flags for their apps. We caught up with Brendan Bank, Chief Technology Officer of MessageBird, to talk about low-code no-code platforms. Some tips to help you create apps that work without the Internet, or over a low-speed connection. How Apple Arcade game development and Stadia set to shift gaming industry

    App Developer Magazine April 2019 issue

    April 2019

    Serverless computing 101 for developers, how feature management trends are growing, best practices to avoid being removed from the Apple App Store, learn why location-based mobile advertising fraud is probably affecting your media spends, how to use data driven​ design for mobile games, and find out what it takes to be a blockchain developer!

    App Developer Magazine March 2019 issue

    March 2019

    Find out the state of low code in 2019 in this months issue. Also what the most untapped market might be to plant your next game in is. An exclusive interview comparing Dapps to apps, why making software engineers happy matters, posting productive app updates, how to get your app banned from the app store, and more!

    App Developer Magazine February 2019 issue

    February 2019

    In this months issue of App Developer Magazine: Get game developer advice from the CEO of Webpals. 5 rules of monetizing your mobile game. How to find the bugs in your app code. We ask, will 5G make a difference in mobile? Adobe tells us how single page applications work better. Find out how to use eye tracking to gauge a users experience. Why everyone should learn to code. Plus an exclusive interview with BrainHQ about why Tom Brady uses their app.

    App Developer Magazine January 2019 issue

    January 2019

    It's a new year and time for some industry leaders to give their predictions for what's coming to mobile development this year. We've also got an exclusive interview with Abby Kearns where we talk about Open Source, Kubernetes, and developers. Learn how to earn more revenue from your apps when using header bidding systems. Why AIOPS is a buzzing word - and learn what it is and why you should care. Ashish Parmar tells us where the Kotlin vs Java war stands. Pieter Danhieux tells us how Gamification can transform your programs, plus what game developers can learn from Fortnite's rise. Lots more inside this packed issue!

    App Developer Magazine December 2018 issue

    December 2018

    Inside this issue: Angular 7 highlights, improvements, and gotchas. An exclusive about a new AI program that's helping fight tropical diseases after Hurricane Maria. Retro gaming talk with Matthew Thomas of Storytellers Entertainment, why US tech companies with customers in Europe should worry about Brexit, the power of predictive marketing, how to speed up SaaS deployments, Citus Data is donating 1 percent equity to PostgreSQL foundations - find out why! Also, Twitter and KaiOS take on KaiOS-powered smart feature phones, the power of AI for cybersecurity, 5 app development tips to help you avoid disaster, testing your app for the holidays, and who won IBM's 2018 Call for Code Global Challenge

    App Developer Magazine November 2018 issue

    November 2018

    Discover how collaboration and visual project management tools like are providing companies a better way to unlock their productivity. The argument for using Blockchain IoT together, and how the technologies paired up can create an improved customer experience through a fair and compliant supply chain. An exclusive on how an ALM data strategy and infrastructure centered around three blockchain principles can help achieve a more agile business, more trust around transactions, and even dovetail into machine learning, and AI. We've got some exclusive iOS 12 development tips from Angela Yu, the lead iOS instructor at the London App Brewery. Find out how HelloSign's document signing API is opening a huge opportunity for disruption across multiple industries that rely on their standard paper-based document handling. Bonuses include, a guide for understanding differences between responsive apps, native apps, some thoughts about how DuckDuckGo compared to Google and much more inside!

    App Developer Magazine October 2018 issue

    October 2018

    iOS 12 and the new iPhone XS are here and we've got all the goods that you will want to know about! Also inside are exclusive interviews, including how to collaborate with others and sharing the profits, find out if you should consider a progressive web app - or go native, and much more!

    App Developer Magazine September 2018 issue

    September 2018

    Apple iOS 12 is almost here and we've got some great tips to help you market better through ad retargeting, design AR and VR better for mobile, and develop for the cloud to make your apps faster. Plus inside this issue is the Android screen notch guide, how Fortnite for Android is making waves, Agile failures and how to avoid them, and a ton more.

    App Developer Magazine August 2018 issue

    August 2018

    Check out all of the exclusives in this months issue! Mobile app design is a challenge when it comes to communicating a similar user experience across generational gaps. We've have some tips for you to navigate those waters effectively. Plus live game streaming is huge, and Danika Laszuk talks about how accelerator programs are having a massive impact on the startup community and the future of live streaming in general. Insight about Cisco DNA Center for controlling network infrastructures and how it now lets developers access DNA Center through a RESTful API in conjunction with the release of then DevNet DNA Developer Center.

    App Developer Magazine July 2018 issue

    July 2018

    This month Tim Metz with KaiOS talks about the feature phone market and the impact it is having on mobile app developers and their app's user experience. Learn how AI is hitting it's stride and has the US Government considering the far-reaching impacts the technology can provide for private citizens as well as Governmental business. What came out of the 2nd annual CA Built To Change Summit event held in Santa Clara. The best marketing practices for retargeting users in mobile marketing campaigns. And making the case for why mainframes are still critical components of the digital economy, and when using the right tools, how they can produce applications to power mobility.

    App Developer Magazine June 2018 issue

    June 2018

    This month James Snell from the Node.js Technical Steering Committee gives us a progress report on HTTP/2 and Node. Learn how to get a leg up on the next wave of smartphones. How to embrace the low-code citizen developer. CA's Gwyn Clay weighs in about automating time-consuming tasks in IT Operations more intelligently. Find alternatives to publishing your Android apps other than just Google Play. How to prepare for a software engineering job interview. Guy Podjarny offers insight into how you can address common security issues with FTP. Nintendo proves to the mobile app community their players loyalty to the classics is still strong. Jeff Whelpley shares app development strategies for app backends. And SQUID millennial news app founder and CEO, Johan Othelius, talks about how their development team put together an app that has over 1M downloads.

    App Developer Magazine May 2018 issue

    May 2018

    A talk about encryption and other security methods that are supposed to be keeping our data safe. What APIs are and how you can put them to work for you. How 5G speeds on mobile are going to change the way we see ads. Using feature flags in your app release management strategy. Mihir Shukla gives thoughts about how teaming up humans with machine can we find greater productivity levels. An exclusive chat with Tim Hockin, principal software engineer at Google Cloud, to tell us about what a micro-service means in API development and what the future holds. One-on-one with Mark Hinkle, Executive Director of the Node.js Foundation, to talk about what is to come in the foundations future.

    App Developer Magazine April 2018 issue

    April 2018

    This issue features a conversation with Sarah Franklin, the EVP and GM of Trailhead. A lesson about how progressive web apps can give native apps a run for their money. Stack Overflow gives up the most loved and hated programming languages across the industries. Why proper behavioral game player analytics are necessary in order to grow your gaming company. What fired off at DeveloperWeek 2018. Todd Little, Blockchain Architect at Oracle, wants you to know that Blockchain is a technology that developers need to be paying close attention to. And one of the founders of Ember.JS opens up about the Javascript framework and this years takeaways from the EmberConf event.

    App Developer Magazine March 2018 issue

    March 2018

    It's time for some mobile app Spring cleaning, and we've got just the formula you need. In this months issue, learn why DNS matters to your app security. We'll tell you how Crypto is going to change business, Apple tells us about low-code usage, why you and AI need to become fast-friends, App marketing using short codes, some developer coping skills, and other exclusives - including a chat with about getting music into your apps legally!

    App Developer Magazine February 2018 issue

    February 2018

    In this months issue; Reasons to consider low code development in 2018, also how to create multilingual apps with GitHub and Crowdin. Software testing using Artificial Intelligence, overcoming IoT security threats to achieve better ROI, and App design thinking principles. Learn about creating apps on the Blockchain, the cost of cloud computing, and much more inside.

    App Developer Magazine January 2018 issue

    January 2018

    Our yearly forecast issue, giving you insight into what might be coming in 2018, from leaders in the development space! Plus we chat with Oracle about chatbots, learn about 2-pass app development, developers and the blockchain, and how to protect your app idea legally. Red Hat gives us some insight about serverless technologies, we talk about how the end of Net Neutrality is going to effect developers, and much much more! This is seriously a must-have issue, with exclusives you will not get any where else.

    App Developer Magazine December 2017 issue

    December 2017

    AR is coming, and our end of the year issue rounds off many need to know topics for you to prepare for 2018! Inside we've got exclusives about learning ARKit, tackling AR using Thyng, how AR mobile ads from ironSource are going to change the way we view mobile ads, and many more AR articles. Plus insight into marketing your apps through the holidays, building apps for emerging markets, and a deep conversation with the Gates foundation about Mojaloop. Lots more inside.

    App Developer Magazine November 2017 issue

    November 2017

    Check out what Michele Franci, the CTO of Inmarasat has to tell app developers about implementing mission critical satellite communication into mobile apps. We also have the 3 keys to mobile advertising success, some excellent insight about in-app advertising in your games, plus find out if iOS 11 is going to hurt your revenue, and if the subscription model is right for your apps. Lots more inside!

    App Developer Magazine October 2017 issue

    October 2017

    This month we feature some great advice about freemium models, how to walk into a developer interview with confidence, The HTML5 killer that's waiting in the bushes, Apple's Filemaker is out to prove low-code rocks, when will passwords finally give way to biometrics, and all about iOS 11, and the new iphones.

    App Developer Magazine September 2017 issue

    September 2017

    Some helpful advice comes to us from TestDevLab about mobile app testing. How chatbot development services are being provided on the Oracle cloud. We have a deep conversation with Hokyu Choi from Samsung about Tizen. What opportunities await for you as a developer with iOS 11. Digital transformation initiatives, tips for enterprises and DevOps. How native programmatic ads are helping propel the mobile advertising industry to new heights. How mobile SDKs are helping developers build and monetize their apps more efficiently than ever before, but that comes at a cost. Kony explains the latest update for their enterprise-grade app development platform for citizen developers. The future for voice enabled machine learning and AI systems. How Trivia Crack has found sustained success in retaining their users while others have failed in the long term. Artificial Intelligence will create US jobs rather than take them. HBO gets hacked. Intellectual Property tips for mobile app developers to make sure that they don't make any crucial IP legal errors. Taylor Swift "Look What You Made Me Do" can crush servers. How to build a mobile API that is fast, reliable, and provides managed mobile services.

    App Developer Magazine August 2017 issue

    August 2017

    Oracle talks with us on how cloud enterprise development platforms are important for a developers success, VMware CodeHouse aims to equip the brightest female engineering students with a three-day coding experience, how mobile application performance testing is the proven way to increase your app's user experience, the subscription-based business model is quickly growing due to a few key advantages., how two-way voice-user interface technology will become increasingly important in the future of IoT, how cloud services and architectures are constantly evolving to stay in touch to remain useful to cloud customers, and the monthly mobile news.

    App Developer Magazine July 2017 issue

    July 2017

    This month we dive head first into why speed matters in app development. Not only is it crucial, but it can make or break users keeping your apps around. Also inside are several interviews, including why Mozilla updated Thimble, and the inside track about Stack Overflows news app. Catch the latest about choosing an Android HTTP library, and don't miss why brands will pay top dollar for your in-app inventory. Lots more inside this packed issue.

    App Developer Magazine June 2017 issue

    June 2017

    For the cover story in the June 2017 issue, we talk all about mobile printing, and hear about the growing need for enterprise printing from a mobile device as HP sees it. Plus Samsung weighs in on the issue! Get information about building an app to help market your business, and why it topples other social marketing efforts you may have tried. We have a chat with Receptiv to get insight on how to monetize your app, without annoying users. Find out what words are best to use inside push alerts to entice engagement. We celebrate 30 years of the GIF image and chat with Tenor to hear about it's future. RCS is the new protocol of messaging, and we will explain to you exactly what it is - and why you will want to use it. CleverTap writes about why you are probably failing at user engagement. Andrew LeCates from Apple's FileMaker tells us all about version 16 that was just released. We dive deep into why Speech-to-Meaning and Natural Language Understanding components have such key advantages inside mobile apps, and why they are crucial components to the future of AI assistants. AOL has some great advice why developers need to consider brand advertising inside their apps, and the benefits of a more diverse mobile strategy. The current state of AR, and how the mobile space is being disrupted again with the growing use of mobile tech married to AR interfaces. Find out why users might be abandoning your app.

    App Developer Magazine May 2017 issue

    May 2017

    Here's what you'll find inside the May 2017 issue of App Developer Magazine. Adam Grant tells us about the intersection of 3 major technologies - AR, IoT, and Mobile apps, and what legal considerations you must have. Holger Fritzinger gives helpful advice on mobile contextual UX and why it matters. Oren Ariel writes about the emergence of citizen developers, and a recent report from Gartner. We sat down and had a chat with AppsBuyOut's CEO, Claudia Dreier-Poepperl to learn more about selling mobile apps. Stefan Benndorf opens up and gives developers the app marketing secrets of the most popular apps today. We sat with Joel Wright, President and Co-Founder of #HASHOFF to learn more about social influencer marketing. Mark Robinson tells us how you can keep your free-to-play games and apps profitable without annoying the user. Plus get insider information directly from Red Hat Mobile about low-code in the enterprise, and some of the biggest trends coming. Plus what the achilles heel of low-code platforms really is, and how it will never replace a real developer.

    App Developer Magazine April 2017 issue

    April 2017

    Position yourself for the most success in the mobile app market, with tips from Sean Galligan of Yahoo. Also inside, using analytics inside your app isn't just for looking at pretty charts - learn how to use the data to earn more app revenue. Further, the low-code revolution continues, and we've got some advice for how IT professionals can play nice with non-IT folk using low-code platforms to make apps, plus how anyone can make custom apps without writing a single line of code! We've got some helpful advice about using push alerts for marketing, when to send, how to send, and what to send so you don't seem so pushy! Check out all the April issue has to offer inside.

    App Developer Magazine March 2017 issue

    March 2017

    There is a lot happening for mobile developers in March, from GDC, to the Mobile World Congress, and SXSW, there is no shortage of news! This latest issue includes pre-coverage of most events, as well as over 20 articles including: Using virtual currency in your game, Interesting uses for WebRTC, Ways to reduce churn with a mobile app,Embracing RAD app development,Mobile automation testing tips, The A to Z of low-code app development, App customer loyalty, Oracle chats about the new data integrator cloud service, Overcoming the app marketing sticking point, Why top engineers choose startups over big brands, and much more.

    App Developer Magazine February 2017 issue

    February 2017

    This month we talked to several industry leaders in the mobile space, including FileMaker, HP Enterprise, AppThis, a former NASA AI Expert, and more, to get insights on everything from Artificial Intelligence factors, selling apps Internationally, native mobile ads, increasing your eCPM, scanning for JavaScript problems, and other hot topics - 26 features in all!

    App Developer Magazine January 2017 issue

    January 2017


    Get predictions for 2017 from thought-leaders in the industry like IBM, Yahoo, Flurry, and more. Read unique interviews with Salesforce, ServiceNow, Undo. Check out the in depth reading on how to stop crashes inside your app, team collaboration tools, and an exclusive Facebook tutorial how on to grow your audience. Lots more inside!

    App Developer Magazine December 2016 issue

    December 2016

    Get geared up for 2017 with 94 pages of app developer advice. Leading stories from why software is no longer being written from scratch, The Experts Exchange paywall removal, Apple's ATS deadline for all iOS apps, plus get some great advice from a developer advocate with IBM, and meet Dav Glass from Yahoo - who loves teaching people of all ages.

    App Developer Magazine November 2016 issue

    November 2016

    We really tried to keep this issue under 100 pages but it was just impossible! Inside the November 2016 issue you can read how to humanize digital conversations, from a Master Inventor at IBM. Learn how to build a secure app from the ground up, by two Engineers at Facebook! Also be sure to read 3 trends in app marketing from Google. There are 30 featured articles inside, plus the monthly news highlights. Do not miss this one!

    App Developer Magazine October 2016 issue

    October 2016

    Wondering how to go about getting a patent for your app, we got you covered with a featured legal article, also find out how iOS 10 is going to benefit your iOS apps, get some great Bitbucket tips, see if your app is hack-proof, read about how RAD is changing everything, and a ton more. Definitely an issue you won't want to miss, over 90 pages!

    App Developer Magazine September 2016 issue

    September 2016

    This month we interview the creator of Trivia Crack, give you 4 Ways apps will transform the enterprise, show you how Pokemon Go will change your apps, offer 5 reasons your daily scrum is boring, tell you what it's like being a Big Data developer with Apache Hadoop, teach you how Enterprise Resource Planning is being reinvented, and more! Over 20 featured articles and loads of news for your late summer round-up.

    App Developer Magazine August 2016 issue

    August 2016

    Advice for developers using geo location in their apps, we dive into the sell my app marketplace, a chat with with the Weather Company about how they are helping IBM, moving beyond QR codes, Ad-blocking, and more.

    App Developer Magazine July 2016 issue

    July 2016

    It's July and we've got some HOT app development stories, interviews, and tips for you! Hear from the president of 360 Games, IBM talks Swift in the Enterprise, Ignite for React Native Apps, get the goods on Oracle Linux, and much more!

    App Developer Magazine June 2016 issue

    June 2016

    FileMaker 15 is here and we chat with Andy LeCates to tell you all about it. Also, do you think Apple or Google is going to do app security for you - think again! find ways to open-source your ideas, why agile development will work this time, and a recipe for a best selling app -all inside!

    App Developer Magazine May 2016 issue

    May 2016

    In this issue we have over 25 featured articles! Find out why companies are falling short in meeting consumer mobile expectations, why you might be afraid of ASO, how to Self-Organize your team, Learn about the Salesforce new Process Builder, plus Insights from Flurry, Intel, Orasi, Microsoft, and more!

    App Developer Magazine April 2016 issue

    April 2016

    96 wonderful pages with over 40 featured articles! What else could you ask for to kick of Spring development happiness! Inside get the goods on how to get your organization Agile ready, protecting your app from imposters, how to convert a web app to a native app, and tons more.

    App Developer Magazine March 2016 issue

    March 2016

    Get your green on this March because we've got a ton of lucky articles for you! Check out what the Parse shutdown really means, learn how to use programatic ad mediation, and cloud sandboxes, IoT interconnectivity challenges, and much more!

    App Developer Magazine February 2016 issue

    February 2016

    Ah the month of love, and we've got plenty of it for our readers! Chatting With Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson, The Impact of DevOps and Machine Learning, 7 Tips to Increase App Shelf Life, Mastering App Data Collection, Drew Burns of Adobe Talks about Mobile Marketing, More 2016 Predictions, and all the regular news.

    App Developer Magazine January 2016 issue

    January 2016

    Over 20 features in this first issue of 2016! Read about bootstrapping development, biometric security, what you are likely missing when testing, plus get some predictions from thought leaders in the industry.

    App Developer Magazine December 2015 issue

    December 2015

    Another year is ending, and mobile is stronger than ever. In this issue learn about Immersive Mobile Experiences, Programmatic Ad Mediation, Dual Biometrics, Changes Coming to DevOps in 2016, plus much more to get you all revved up for the new year!

    App Developer Magazine November 2015 issue

    November 2015

    2015 is quickly coming to an end! Developers everywhere are scrambling to to their apps updated for the holidays and we can help with great content this month like, knowing which app features are drawing the most cash, agile coding lessons, getting app store downloads for free, and knowing what's wrong with app development today.

    App Developer Magazine October 2015 issue

    October 2015

    Can you feel it? The end of 2015 is coming! What better tool to have to get ready for the holiday then great advice from us! 12 featured articles inside from needing to know what iOS 9 has in store for us developers, to what feature your app might be missing! Oh - and you can't miss the cover story about new C++ tools from Jetbrains!

    App Developer Magazine September 2015 issue

    September 2015

    Autumn is almost here, the air is getting colder, and somehow you've got to stay current with what's going on in the app industry! Inside this issue find out what the cloud and economics have to to with each other, successful user targeting, going native or platform, Windows 10 and gaming, and over 8 other features!

    App Developer Magazine August 2015 issue

    August 2015

    How much can a custom font type help your app, designing a seamless UX, must-haves for cloud apps, what's holding back the mobile advertising revolution, and so so much more! Over 15 featured articles this month, along with the need to know news.

    App Developer Magazine July 2015 issue

    July 2015

    Read how to make apps that stick, boost revenue by increasing the user experience, the secrets to user acquisition, and service virtualization with ERP. Plus over 5 more bonus articles in this issue you won't want to miss!

    App Developer Magazine June 2015 issue

    June 2015

    Cover story, Implementing continuous delivery. Also read the top 5 Tips for RESTful APIs, key considerations when monetizing, how to tap into the native advertising, drive traffic to your app by localizing, and much more. 10 features from mobile experts in all, plus the news, and industry spotlights.

    App Developer Magazine May 2015 issue

    May 2015

    Want to get your head around IoT? The May issue focuses on helping app developers do just that, with top articles about how IoT is going to effect business developers, what you need to know about marketing, personalization, successful continuous delivery strategies, and a ton more!

    App Developer Magazine April 2015 issue

    April 2015

    A focus on developer hiring trends is the highlight of our April 2015 issue. There is loads of other content too, like an Overview of Delivering Microservices-Based Applications, Database Technology Review, TEE and Android App Development, and How the Apple App Store is Changing Computer Science Curriculums. 14 featured articles from experts in mobile, plus the news!

    App Developer Magazine March 2015 issue

    March 2015

    Show me the money! March is all about finding that pot of gold and with a little help from our experts we can help! A Look at the Profitable App Publishing Models, Ad Mediation, Modernizing Your App, and Moving Saas Customers From Free To Paid are just a few inside.

    App Developer Magazine February 2015 issue

    February 2015

    This month we focus on app marketing! Great articles from using personalization app marketing methods, to finding out what channels will be most effective in 2015 - we are covering what you need to know to be a successful app marketer in 2015.

    App Developer Magazine January 2015 issue

    January 2015

    We welcome another exciting year in mobile with several featured articles! Learn how to not get into the VC tuning trap, ovoid OS disruption, finding the right development firm of your next project, and more!

    App Developer Magazine December 2014 issue

    December 2014

    Be ready for the new year with awesome tips about helping your ASO, learn about how to make an app without coding, how to navigate media buying for your app, crowd testing, tips for making enterprise apps and loads more in our end of the year issue for 2014.

    App Developer Magazine November 2014 issue

    November 2014

    The Holidays are here and we have November's issue jam packed with marketing advice from mobile experts to help your downloads soar this season!

    App Developer Magazine October 2014 issue

    October 2014

    App Rating Appscore Standard, Freemium or Paid Debate, Conversation Rate Optimization and User Engagement, Cloud Based Development, App Idea Research Tools, plus 12 other featured articles!

    App Developer Magazine September 2014 issue

    September 2014

    Fall is coming, are you and your apps ready? Inside our September issue there is lots of great expert advice on growing your mobile app business, How to make your app a hit, predicting when apps get the most downloads, more on localization, jailbreaking, and much more! Over 17 featured articles plus the news and spotlights.

    App Developer Magazine August 2014 issue

    August 2014

    Lots of features this month! Why Google and Android Are Not the Same, iOS App Design, Why Saas and Continuous Delivery Is a Match Made in Heaven, App Promotion Via Podcasts, New Regulations to Protect Kids, Creating a Rich Second Screen Experience, Getting Your App World-Ready, What Developers Need to Know About Apple's HealthKit and HIPAA Compliance, Apple vs. Facebook, over 13 features this month!

    App Developer Magazine July 2014 issue

    July 2014

    Amazon's Fire Phone, Smooth App Publishing, Asia's Gold Mine, Getting Endorsed by Mommy Bloggers, What to look for when seeking investors, Localizing your app, and Riley vs. California decision, plus loads more news and info

    App Developer Magazine June 2014 issue

    June 2014

    Exclusive articles from founders, CEO's and Experts! Tizen Arrives in a Ripe Market, Apple Vs. Android in the Enterprise, 5 Solutions for Development Problems, plus tons more features, WWDC converge, and more.

    App Developer Magazine May 2014 issue

    May 2014

    Use Facebook to Get App Installs, 4 Money Making Models For Apps, How to Capture Maximum Revenue, The Right Way to Invest Into the Mobile Market, IoT Meets VR, and Why Banks Struggle with Saas Companies. Plus other features, and all the news!

    App Developer Magazine April 2014 issue

    April 2014

    App Developers and the Law, The Top 10 App Fails, How To Use In App Purchases Effectively, Rise of the DevOps, Learn To Use Twitter for App Marketing, and Tons more, along with the hottest Spring news!

    App Developer Magazine March 2014 issue

    March 2014

    Get great advice on how to market without spending tons of cash, get caught up on the NSA's latest app spying, the hottest app marketing trends for 2014, Deeplinks, Leaky apps and much more.

    App Developer Magazine Feb14 issue

    February 2014

    Get advice on how to target your push alerts, use social media to promote your app for free, API monetization, learn about CES 2014, get the top things for entrepreneurs to know about mobile app development, where profits are hiding in the app store, and loads more!

    App Developer Magazine Jan14 issue

    January 2014

    Over 12 featured articles and tons of new product news and information inside our first issue of 2014! From app icon trademarks to what you think you know about COPPA is all inside.

    App Developer Magazine Dec13 issue

    December 2013

    In this issue we wanted to highlight some year-end topics as well as help propel you forward and prep for 2014! We have some great developer interviews with tips from them on how to stay successful, how to manage your app project, FTC and mobile issues coming, Retail Apps in 2013, LUA language musings, and loads more.

    App Developer Magazine Nov13 issue

    November 2013

    Get the most from your app with incredible how to's and articles in our November 2013 issue which includes articles on Performance Testing, App Loyalty, Platform Choice, Requirements Gathering, and tons of other great tips and articles, along with industry spotlights that will help you maximize profits this holiday season.

    App Developer Magazine Oct13 issue

    October 2013

    Inside the October issue, Peach tells us what not to name your app, a reader tip on why ASO isn't the only choice for marketing, learn why poor analytics can kill your game launch, we talk Microsoft and Nokia, and we give you 5 reasons why HTML 5 might be the right choice for your next app development project, plus loads more don't miss it!

    App Developer Magazine Sept13 issue

    September 2013

    Inside this issue we have the Top Global Apps report from Distimo you won't want to miss! NTIA's code of conduct for app developers and how it's going to affect your app development efforts, why push notifications should be a part of most apps, what to consider with COPPA compliancy when developing apps, everything you need to know about app store optimization, and loads more!

    App Developer Magazine Aug13 issue

    August 2013

    This issue is overflowing with genius editorials covering advanced marketing, new Coppa regulations app developers need to know, how to cash in on your app revenue with game offers, marketing with no money, phonegap, prototyping, communication lessons for developers, and tons more - you won't want to miss it!

    App Developer Magazine July13 issue

    July 2013

    Apps Act 2013, Assets for App Creation, App Marketing 101, How to Increase Your App Ranking, Old School Vs. New School Marketing, Advolution, Developer Interviews, News, and much more!

    App Developer Magazine June13 issue

    June 2013

    Our inaugural issue! June 2013 was our very first issue and you can view it in it's entirety here for free! The articles inside include, Cross Platform App Development, The Pains of App Development Contract Work, Alternative Ways of Monetizing Apps, Intro Into Corona, Monthly News, Tips, and much more!