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3/26/2024 7:11:59 AM
Publisher Portal for in game audio ad monetization from Odeeo
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Publisher Portal for in game audio ad monetization from Odeeo


Publisher Portal for in game audio ad monetization from Odeeo

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Odeeo has launched its Publisher Portal, which gives game publishers access to comprehensive features such as analytics, reporting tools, streamlined audio ad management, improved ad performance, customizable ad placements, comparison features, and tons more.

Odeeo has launched its new Publisher Portal which gives games publishers access to industry first comprehensive features, such as analytics and reporting tools previously only available for traditional display and video ads, including impressions, revenue and engagement rates.

Previously across the in-game audio ad industry, publishers had limited control over ad placements and measurement, which could be a slow and manual process. Running in beta for over 3 months, the Odeeo Publisher Portal has been rapidly adopted by clients, giving them new insights into performance, and helping them refine their monetization strategies

Odeeo launches Publisher Portal for in-game audio ad monetization, improved ad management, insights and more

By streamlining the management of audio ads and providing insights into audiences, inventory and performance, the Odeeo Publisher Portal can identify untapped ad monetization revenue streams. The simplification of ad management allows publishers to spend more time focused on their game experience.

Early beta testers of the Odeeo Publisher Portal highlight the greater control over their monetization strategy, and as a result, improved ad performance,  its user-friendly interface, advanced analytics, and customizable ad placements.

Business Development Executive at Puzzle Studio, Thoa Hua said, "The interface appears bright and user-friendly, very impressive. We can monitor the necessary metrics on the portal by utilizing useful dimensions and filters. We can also compare monetization metrics quickly as well as clearly. What I appreciate the most is its significant support in switching app modes between 'test' and 'production'."

Odeeo CEO Amit Monheit says, “We are 100% committed to driving innovation and success for our customers in in-game audio ads globally.  Odeeo ensures publishers have exactly what they need to maximize revenue potential, and are partner list is growing all the time with international leaders like Global, AdsWizz and Azerion, and regional experts like AnyEver in Germany and Otonal in Japan, to ensure publishers can maximize their revenue from in-game audio. 

"There’s always more to come with Odeeo - and we aren’t stopping here. We plan to introduce new features and capabilities to further improve publishers’ ability to monetize their games even more effectively, including expanding targeting options, improving analytics tools, and integrating more demand resources into the system to provide publishers with even more ways to monetize their games."

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