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12/17/2019 9:37:43 AM
Measuring the impact of development campaigns
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Measuring the impact of development campaigns


Measuring the impact of development campaigns

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

Loyalty Score is a new feature by Keywee that measures the impact of publisher audience development campaigns.

Keywee has announced the launch of Loyalty Score, a new feature that measures the true efficacy and impact of publisher audience development campaigns.

Keywee developed Loyalty Score to measure users’ return visits and the number of pages viewed over a given time frame, scoring those visits relative to the performance of other publisher campaigns. Scoring paid acquisition efforts according to this behavior gives a clear picture of which campaigns and content drive the most loyal visitors. As a result, Loyalty Score provides publishers with insights that enable them to optimize future acquisition campaigns for visitors that will ultimately lead to improved, sustainable business outcomes. 

Traditionally, publisher audience development campaigns have been studies in volume and cost-efficiency — strategies employed by content creators most often involved attracting the maximum amount of readers at the lowest possible cost. This approach, though effective in the short term, resulted in large volumes of casual readers who seldom returned organically. Moreover, changes in the publishing landscape, including shrinking advertising margins and increased dependency on reader revenue, forced audience development marketers to reassess this once-reliable revenue stream. With quality as a requirement, publishers looked to social platforms as a way to find and attract long-term audiences but faced roadblocks measuring and optimizing their acquisition efforts for readers who remain loyal to their brands. Keywee developed Loyalty Score to give publishers a method to measure the impact of audience development campaigns.

“Loyalty Score has given us a whole new world of insights into our user acquisition campaigns. For example, we're seeing that promoting content that talks about planning for retirement drives more return visitors than posts about saving money on groceries,” says Andy Price, Director of Digital Operations & Advertising at Kiplinger.com “We now have a clear view of how often our new subscribers engage with our content after they've signed up without having to cross-reference multiple reports. This makes the ROI more clear, and we see it leading to a lot more growth in the future.”

Keywee utilizes AI to push a news story in front of relevant readers so that each article is targeted and optimized to reach the largest and most relevant audience possible. The addition of the Loyalty Score metric into this process will help empower publishers to make more informed decisions about their paid audience development efforts, giving them insight into the long-term value of the users that they acquire and the content that they produce.

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