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4/18/2024 8:35:06 AM
Epic Games defeats Google in court
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Epic Games defeats Google in court

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Epic Games defeats Google in court

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

After victory over Google in December, where a U.S. jury cast the tech behemoth as the big bad monopoly wolf of Android app distribution and in-app billing. Epic Games aims to shake up Google Play's rulebook.

In a twist that sounds straight out of a high-stakes courtroom drama, Epic Games has thrown down the gauntlet with a bombshell injunction proposal aimed at shaking up Google Play's entire rulebook. This comes hot on the heels of their David-versus-Goliath victory over Google in December, where a U.S. jury cast the tech behemoth as the big bad monopoly wolf of Android app distribution and in-app billing.

The court, popping some popcorn no doubt, asked Epic to spell out exactly how Google should mend its monopolistic ways. Epic’s response? Let freedom ring across the Android lands! Their proposal demands that Google tear down its digital walls, allowing users to download apps from the wild yonder of the internet without creepy" scare screens" popping up.

And there's more - developers should have the green light to offer payment alternatives without Google skimming the pot with its "anti-competitive fees." Oh, and let’s not forget, companies must be able to chat up their customers directly, including sending them winks and nudges to external web stores.

Epic Games shakes up Google Play's rulebook

Epic didn't stop there; they took a swipe at what they call Google's "sham compliance programs" like User Choice Billing, accusing them of being smoke and mirrors designed to block rival payment methods.

They're also lobbing accusations of "malicious compliance," claiming Google has been playing dirty by twisting regulations to keep its iron grip on Android devices. Epic’s battle cry with their proposed injunction is clear: stop Google from its repeat offense of bad-faith tactics and pry open the gates of Android to usher in a new era of competition and choice for everyone.

Google, meanwhile, fired back, suggesting in a tone dripping with disbelief that Epic just wants to freeride on Google Play’s coattails without forking over a dime. They retorted with a defense of Android as an "open mobile platform," claiming it’s already in the throes of fierce competition.

As the plot thickens, Google has vowed to appeal the jury’s verdict, setting the stage for another dramatic showdown. Stay tuned, because this legal saga is turning into the tech world’s most epic game yet!

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