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1/29/2024 8:35:44 AM
Vision Pro app count up to 196 apps
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Vision Pro app count up to 196 apps

Artificial Intelligence

Vision Pro app count up to 196 apps

Monday, January 29, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Apple's Vision Pro app store is seeing sluggish developer interest with just over 190 apps tailored for the device. Challenges include high costs, limited testing supply, and a strained relationship post-Epic Games lawsuit.

New data from Appfigures suggests that Apple's Vision Pro mixed reality headset is facing a lukewarm response from app developers. As of the latest update, the Vision Pro's app store boasts just over 150 apps specifically designed for the device, a small fraction compared to the vast app store catalog of 1.8 million apps.

It's important to clarify that this figure does not represent the total number of available apps for the Vision Pro. Although the headset is theoretically compatible with iOS and iPad apps, the low number of apps explicitly optimized for the device highlights a cautious approach from developers. This is surprising given Apple's extensive developer base, indicating a more measured adoption of the new platform.

Apple's Vision Pro app count is up to 196

Several factors contribute to the slow pace of app customization for the Vision Pro. Challenges such as a limited supply of Vision Pro headsets for testing, concerns about the market opportunity due to the high device cost starting at $3,499, and the difficulty of adapting touchscreen-optimized apps to a different computing environment are likely influencing developers' decisions.

Apple's strained relationship with its developer community, following the fallout of the Epic Games antitrust lawsuit, may also be a factor. While Apple emerged victorious in the case, the court-mandated modifications to app store rules, allowed developers to direct users to alternative payment methods. However, Apple's compliance came with additional restrictions and a minimal reduction in commissions, dissuading many app developers.

This developer-hostile stance from Apple could potentially deter its broader developer community, which had previously embraced new platforms, despite some setbacks. Notable examples include the iMessage App Store and the watchOS App Store, both facing challenges and high-profile departures.

In the case of the Vision Pro, major rivals such as YouTube and Netflix have opted not to build for Apple's latest platform, as Apple increasingly competes in their respective markets with its streaming services. Even Meta, with its VR headset, has chosen not to develop native apps for the Vision Pro, according to Appfigures.

Despite the limited developer interest, Vision Pro users still have access to a range of content. Popular apps like Disney+, ESPN, MLB, PGA Tour, Amazon Prime Video, and others are available for download and streaming. Some well-known brands, including Box, Carrot Weather, Webex, Zoom, and Fantastical, have developed apps specifically for the Vision Pro. However, the absence of household names like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and others indicates a notable portion of the app ecosystem opting out.

As of the latest update in 2024, the number of apps built specifically for the Vision Pro has increased to 196, suggesting a gradual uptick in developer interest.

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