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9/30/2014 8:37:34 PM
Google Announces New Mobile Ad Formats and Tools
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Google Announces New Mobile Ad Formats and Tools


Google Announces New Mobile Ad Formats and Tools

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Google has announced that over the coming months it will launch several mobile display ad formats and tools across the Google Display Network, the AdMob Network and DoubleClick to facilitate the ability to serve ads across screens.

The new display ad formats are designed specifically for mobile environments and include the following:

Mobile Lightbox engagement ads use existing brand assets to automatically create rich media ads in HTML5 that run across devices and screens. The ads will dynamically resize to fit any ad size, making them quick-to-create, and advertisers only pay when users engage. These will soon be available in the AdWords Ad Gallery. 

TrueView ads have already been running across gaming apps in the AdMob network and in the coming months will roll out across more apps in AdMob. Advertisers pay when a user chooses not to skip your ad.

The anchor ad format is a mobile web ad unit that sits at the bottom of the screen on a mobile device. As a user scrolls down the page, the ad remains “anchored” to the bottom of the screen. The user can dismiss the ad at any time.

The magazine style text ad format (previously launched for mobile websites) has now been extended as an interstitial in-app format for the AdMob network, bringing the glossiness of print magazine ads to a text ad. Google Display Network text ads automatically become eligible to serve in this new ad space.

Google is also introducing three new tools that will be available in the coming months to convert existing ad options into versions that will work across screens and devices. These include:

Automatic mobile sizes for image ads: The auto-resizing tool for the Google Display Network will automatically create new sizes of image ads, including mobile-specific ad sizes.

Interactive HTML5 backups when Flash isn’t supported: The Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tools for the Google Display Network and DoubleClick Campaign Manager will automatically create an HTML5 version of Flash ads. When these ads are served on a device or browser that doesn’t support Flash, the system can show the interactive HTML5 ad instead of a static image backup.

HTML5 and in-app rich media ads templates: There are now 29 HTML5 and in-app formats available in DoubleClick Studio Layouts, a tool that provides the ability to upload existing creative assets into a pre-built rich media ad template to quickly create rich ads that work on smartphones and tablets.

Read more: http://adwords.blogspot.com/2014/09/building-next-...

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