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3/19/2024 8:11:06 AM
Epic Games defeats Apple in court
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Epic Games defeats Apple in court

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Epic Games defeats Apple in court

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Epic Games was banned from Apple's app store and the Google Play store for supposedly using its payment gateway to monetize. The tech giants have been in lengthy court battles and after the DMA act passed, Epic Games Sweden won its first case against Apple within days of the act going into effect.

Apple’s iron-clad grip on its developer program may be losing its hold. Every day, Apple turns away hundreds of developers trying to enter their program. However, Epic Games wasn't folding to Apple. "Epic Games has entertained and benefited millions of users with Fortnite, Genshin Impact, and other games. Their application to have their flagship store on the Apple platform benefits all parties. After all, apart from the players, Apple takes up to 30% in commissions. I’m glad Epic Games stood up to the challenge and won, even if it's only a small win," says Gillian Mercylin, an author at thesolitaire.com. She continued, "When Apple and Google take security seriously, people respect them. However, not every company is a security threat. Everyone should have the right to share the global tech market."

Epic Games continues to soar amidst challenges key takeaways

Epic Games continues to soar amidst challenges, key takeaways:

  • Epic Games has a history of releasing games on Apple since 2010
  • Apple has benefited from selling apps using Epic Games' Unreal Engine
  • Apple has highlighted Epic Games' apps at conferences and events
  • Epic Games faces a denial in launching the Epic Games Store on the Apple Platform. The questions regarding denial surround "antitrust."
  • Even after a written assurance that the Epic Games team would comply with all Apple policies, Apple denied the developer on the grounds of 'sole discretion.'
The story Epic Games battle

The story: Epic Games' battle

A few years ago, Google and Apple banned Epic Games because it used its payment gateway to monetize. While Apple won the first case, loopholes in the court ruling gave Epic Games the clues to fight Google. Epic Games has maintained the fight that the two tech giants refuse to allow others to infiltrate their payment ecosystem.

The lengthy court battles have now seen a sliver of sunlight thanks to the Digital Markets Act. Epic Games Sweden won the first case against Apple within days of the Act coming into effect. "The DMA went through its first major challenge with Apple banning Epic Games Sweden from competing with the App Store, and the DMA just had its first major victory," tweeted Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games.

The Digital Markets Act what is it

The Digital Markets Act - What is It?

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) exists to prevent gatekeepers from exploiting trustworthy developers. The DMA fights for companies that follow guidelines set by the European Commission. The criteria are as follows:

The company will have a firm economic position, be active in the EU, and significantly impact internal markets.

The company links to several large businesses.

Has a firm position in the market by providing a history of stability.

Thanks to the DMA, all businesses that fit the criteria get equal opportunity to offer services on online platforms. Technology startups and innovators do not have to deal with unfair terms by tech giants. The DMA aids consumers by giving them many opportunities at fair prices. Thanks to the introduction of the DMA, businesses cannot take advantage of customers.

When the news of Epic Games win over Apple broke, it was the end of a long debate. Thierry Bratton, the European Commissioner, tweeted, “There is no room for threats by gatekeepers to silence developers," he said.

Tim Sweeney, the CEO of Epic Games, certainly raised a few eyebrows with his name-calling of Apple’s practices. However, in the end, he got his way in the fight against Big Tech to build freely on their legacy.

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