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6/9/2014 11:24:31 PM
8 Critical Analytic Metrics for Measuring Mobile App User Engagement
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8 Critical Analytic Metrics for Measuring Mobile App User Engagement


8 Critical Analytic Metrics for Measuring Mobile App User Engagement

Monday, June 9, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Measuring and optimizing for the right engagement metrics is the key to attaining and keeping users. 

Whether your business model is driven by in-app advertising, purchases, or paid subscriptions, driving your revenue is fundamentally dependent on personalization and engagement. The metrics are available, but identifying which are the most important for tracking engagement and are the most actionable can be tricky. 

By analyzing usage, retention, and flow for engagement, you can create a model for conversions, funneling users from acquisition (paid or organic) to conversion to monetization. An informed process that includes app analytics, messaging campaigns, and user feedback is necessary to success.

Localytics has produced a series of guides to provide insight into using and understanding app analytics. Their publication, “8 Critical Metrics for Measuring App User Engagement,” discusses how to use analytics to measure the success of your mobile app. The guide covers the following:

- The eight engagement metrics you should be measuring for app success, including why they’re critical and what insights you gain from them

- Suggestions for running marketing campaigns and boosting ROI

- Statistics around user behavior today and how it impacts app performance

- How to get started in structuring your analytics and running targeted marketing campaigns in five easy steps

The guide is offered as a free download here

The expertise offered in the guide is a result of Localytics’ relationships with over 5,000 customers. The company now provides marketing and analytics services for more than 25,000 apps, 1.5 billion devices and 50 billion data points monthly. 

Read more: http://go.localytics.com/Jun_2014_eBook_8_Critica...

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