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Yahoo Announces New Developer Tools at First Annual Mobile Developer Conference
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Yahoo Announces New Developer Tools at First Annual Mobile Developer Conference

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Monetize Thursday, February 19, 2015

During Yahoo’s Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco, the company announced the launch of a new suite of products to help developers analyze, monetize, advertise and enhance their apps. These solutions combine technology and data from Yahoo, Flurry (purchased in August 2014) and BrightRoll (purchased in December 2014).

The new Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite is built on five products: Flurry Analytics with Explorer, Flurry Pulse, Yahoo App Publishing, Yahoo Search in Apps, and Yahoo App Marketing.

Here is a rundown on each:

- Flurry Analytics Explorer: The Flurry analytics platform has been updated to help developers answer more complex questions with Explorer, a data exploration interface that returns insights in seconds. No need to write code, build queries, wait for calculations, or implement a new SDK.

- Flurry Pulse: Allows developers to share app signals with partners using their existing Flurry SDK implementations and the click of a button. Pulse can help limit SDK proliferation and additional engineering work by pushing signals from an app to partners of choice.

- Yahoo App Publishing: Provides the ability to monetize apps with native, video and display ads using the combined capabilities of Yahoo Gemini, BrightRoll and Flurry. 

- Yahoo Search in Apps: Facilitates the ability for developers to integrate Yahoo Search directly into their apps. This can help enhance the user experience by allowing users to search the web from within the app, and can create an additional monetization channel for developers.

- Yahoo App Marketing: Utilizing Yahoo Gemini, a native and mobile search marketplace, Yahoo App Marketing can help developers acquire new users, grow engagement and track results. Developers can buy targeted native and video advertising across Yahoo’s network of premium content, Tumblr and thousands of mobile apps. Through Yahoo App Marketing, developers can use just one platform to gain exposure to an audience of highly engaged and active users across desktop, mobile and social.

To learn more visit the Yahoo developer portal.

Read more: https://developer.yahoo.com/

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