1. wefi to Launch New Mobile App Analytics Platform
5/12/2015 6:03:08 PM
wefi to Launch New Mobile App Analytics Platform
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wefi to Launch New Mobile App Analytics Platform

wefi to Launch New Mobile App Analytics Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There is a new entry into the mobile app analytics market as wefi has announced its introduction of Compariscope, a new platform for competitive intelligence for mobile apps that provides insight on how users interact within their app as well as with other apps. 

Expanding beyond its scope as a provider of analytics for network management and optimization for wireless carriers and cable operators, wefi is launching a closed beta of the Compariscope service, and is inviting US-based companies to apply for a beta account. The platform will launch be in general availability this summer.

Compariscope enables companies to derive insight from billons of data points analyzed each day. The platform combines data on application usage collected from millions of devices with wefi’s data, including hyper-local granularity and geo-based context. 

Compariscope offers a detailed view of how users are interacting within their app as well as competitors’ apps. The big data analytics platform analyzes app data including reach, engagement, screen time, network type, connectivity experience, time and location. In addition, Compariscope provides the data in an in-location context so that campaign strategies can be geographically targeted.

Sample use cases include:

- Game developers can see how much time their users play their game per day versus other game apps; analyze usage trends; and see how they rank in comparison to category-specific benchmarks, as well as benchmarks specific to their users.

- Developers can see what percentage of their users engage with rival or complementary apps on a daily basis. Based on this, the product team can implement features to improve engagement or launch campaigns that interact with apps popular with its users.

- Retailers can analyze how actively its users are engaging with its app while visiting their store versus other locations.

Key features of the platform includes:

- Data on a app users’ engagement across other mobile applications.

- Analytics regarding ways users of competing applications interact with company’s app.

- Engagement and reach trends over time, both for all users within the database and for users of particular apps.

- Ability to compare app performance against category/market/other app benchmarks.

- Geography-based data on application engagement that enable the ability to optimize strategy for dedicated location based campaigns.

Read more: http://compariscope.wefi.com/

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