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Publish your story with us
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Do you have an amazing software or app-related story to share with the world? App Developer Magazine is the perfect platform for you!

App Developer Magazine is a US Library of Congress registered media company (ISSN 2572-3421) that is dedicated to providing news, bylines, articles, thought-leadership, and media coverage to the entire mobile app development software industry around the globe. Our audience includes app developers, entrepreneurs, industry influencers, CEO's, CIO's, Directors, Founders, Evangelists, and just about everyone effected by the mobile app and software industry.

We're excited to announce that we accept submissions for feature articles, bylines, Q&A's and thought-leader editorials.

✨ Why publish with us? ✨

🌐 Reach a Global Audience: Your story will be featured on our platform, reaching a worldwide audience eager to stay updated on the latest app development trends and insights.

🚀 Showcase Your Expertise: Share your expertise and knowledge with industry professionals, developers, and tech enthusiasts who are hungry for valuable insights.

💡 Position Yourself as a Thought Leader: Becoming a published author with App Developer Magazine can establish you as a thought leader in the tech world.

🤝 Connect and Collaborate: Our platform encourages networking and collaboration among app developers, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts.

📅 Flexible Submission: We offer a convenient submission process and professional editorial support to help you fine-tune your story.

What to Expect

Publishing your content with App Developer Magazine offers you multi-faceted exposure across our various platforms, ensuring your insights and expertise reach a broad and engaged audience:

🌐 Website Feature: Your article will take center stage on our website, giving it prime visibility to our online audience, which includes developers, tech enthusiasts, and industry professionals. It will be easily accessible to anyone visiting our site. We average 1.2 million views monthly.

📅 Monthly Issue Inclusion: Your contribution will be featured prominently in our monthly magazine issue, allowing it to be part of our carefully curated content for readers who prefer a magazine-style format. This print and digital issue will give your article a lasting presence. We have over 100 published issues since 2013.

📧 Newsletter Spotlight: We'll highlight your article in our newsletter, reaching subscribers who rely on us for the latest app development news and insights. This curated exposure ensures that your content doesn't go unnoticed. We have over 125,000 newsletter subscribers.

🎙️ Podcast: Getting featured on our podcast is an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge, experiences, and ideas with a broader audience.

All of this, priced at just $299!

Ready to inspire, educate, and empower fellow developers? Submit your story now and join us in shaping the future of app development! 📲

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