10/28/2016 2:09:28 PM
Voximplant to use the Google Cloud Speech API in their platform
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Voximplant to use the Google Cloud Speech API in their platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in API Friday, October 28, 2016

Voximplant has announced that they will leverage the Google Cloud Speech API as part of the Voximplant platform.

As Voximplant expands, the cloud communications company has steadily implemented platform additions that meet new developer needs and improve the quality of the service. Here is a rundown on what you can expect from their new product from a developer's perspective.

Key benefits to developers:

- Call recording transcription. Voximplant users can produce high-fidelity transcripts of their calls.

- Real-time voice recognition for smart interactive voice response (IVR) scenarios. Customers can now make use of IVR systems offering computerized voice interactions through the Voximplant platform.

- Rapid speech recognition and processing. Fast recognition reduces delays between when a person stops speaking and when the software receives the speech as text in order to act upon it.

- Superior end-of-speech detection. Accurate end-of-speech detection enables more effective parsing of conversations for both transcription and software processing purposes.

- Robust language support. Over 80 languages are now supported.

- Comprehensive testing. Voximplant’s comprehensive internal testing found Google to offer high quality speech recognition.

Read more: http://voximplant.com/