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Striim collaborates with Google Cloud platform to help enterprises move data

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Posted Tuesday, October 04, 2016 by MICHAEL HAYNES, Associate Editor

Striim collaborates with Google Cloud platform to help enterprises move data
Striim, a streaming analytics platform, is pleased to announce their collaboration with Google Cloud Platform, and integration between the Striim platform and Google BigQuery, Google’s analytics data warehouse. This integration helps companies seeking to move toward a hybrid cloud infrastructure to easily move large volumes of enterprise data to Google Cloud Platform.

With BigQuery, companies can store large amounts of data (transactional, IoT, application logs, batch, streaming, etc.) and quickly perform ad hoc queries to produce fast results and provide analytics on petabyte-scale data sets.

With Striim’s support for Google BigQuery, users can now ingest and process data from virtually any data source – including transactional data from enterprise databases such as Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL – and deliver that data in near real time into their BigQuery environment.
“Striim now provides a change-data capture wizard for BigQuery, which allows for users to build real-time data collection and delivery using a drag-and-drop interface,” said Sami Akbay, co-founder of Striim. “Striim’s enterprise-grade features around reliability and security further support BigQuery’s replicated storage strategy to provide an environment that users can fully control.”


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