10/20/2013 7:47:13 AM
Opera Mediaworks Reports App Developer’s Mobile Revenue is Diversifying Among App Categories
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Opera Mediaworks Reports App Developer’s Mobile Revenue is Diversifying Among App Categories

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Sunday, October 20, 2013

Maybe developers don’t have to focus on one category (Games?) to successfully monetize their apps. This could be the case based on findings from Opera Mediaworks report, The State of Mobile Advertising, Q3 2013.

In the report, based on data from traffic on its mobile advertising platform, the company points out three trends:

(1) Growth was seen over the summer, which is contrary to past summer trends. The company attributes the upward movement on increased activity in international markets.

(2) Mobile ad revenue was spread over a larger segment of categories and within specific categories and increased segmentation was recognized.

(3) While Android and iOS continue to dominate, the increasing number of operating system versions of each are allowing marketers to take advantage of different definable capabilities and user demographics within the different versions.

On Opera’s ad platform, iOS is the leader in impressions served and in monetization with 44.4% of all ad requests and nearly 50% of all revenue. When removing the iPad from the equation, iPhone and Android phones are almost identical with at approximately 30% each..

The report also noted that tablets have almost doubled from this time last year with impressions served increasing from 5% to 10%.

For Q3 the Music, Video & Media category has become the leader in ad impression volume and monetization with the Sports category falling to third from its first place position in Q2. The Business, Finance & Investing category is still producing the highest revenue per impression.

The United States is still tops in the percentage of ad requests and revenue on the Opera Mediaworks platform however this number is dropping. In Q2 the U.S. share of requests was 48.9%, while now it is 47.5% of the company’s total volume.

To see the full report visit the link below.

Read more: http://operamediaworks.com/insights/sma.html