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11/21/2023 8:36:18 AM
Mobile gaming cross platform Pley brings games to the web
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Mobile gaming cross platform Pley brings games to the web

Game Development

Mobile gaming cross platform Pley brings games to the web

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Pley has partnered with Tilting Point to distribute its farming simulation game Homesteads: Dream Farm from Enixan, to the web. The Pley solution expands a games audience and brings high-quality mobile games to browsers with no downloads, installs, or paywalls.

Pley, the cross-platform solution that makes mobile games playable on the web, announced a partnership with Tilting Point to distribute its farming simulation game Homesteads: Dream Farm. Pley’s complete solution has enabled Tilting Point and game developer Enixan to port and distribute the title on Pley’s "native web" browser platform, expanding the game’s reach to a massive audience of web gamers.

Pley's mission is to empower game developers to easily port and distribute their games cross-platform, making their titles more discoverable and virally shareable. Pley hosts games and delivers them directly to players, leveraging WebGL to tap into the power of local client computer hardware, providing identical performance and quality to the original mobile game version. There are no downloads or installs required, and players can instantly link their mobile account to the web version with the Pley Connect feature.

Pley partners with Tilting Point to take mobile games cross-platform to the web

Homesteads: Dream Farm has achieved longstanding success with over 1 million downloads and 4.3-star ratings on both Google Play and the App Store. This immersive game allows players to own a town in the Wild West where they can cultivate crops, care for animals, trade goods, and create a thriving community. Launching Homesteads on Pley's web distribution platform will now give players a second, and much larger screen on which to enjoy the game.

"The future of mobile gaming is not just on mobile devices; it's on the web too. Eventually, all games should be playable on any device. We're empowering developers to embrace a multi-platform strategy, extending the reach of their games and maximizing player engagement. Pley bridges the gap between native development and WebGL, allowing creators to expand the reach of their titles to billions of untapped potential players. Pley simplifies how they maintain their games by offering an end-to-end solution that includes porting and distribution as well as performance and analytics," explains Pley Co-Founder and CEO Carles Tomás Marti.

The Way to Web…with Pley

Gaming communities thrive on the web, and mobile players are already using the web as an extension of their mobile playing experience. Online web shops have been increasing in popularity, driving players to make their in-game purchases on the same platform they use to participate in their gaming communities. Pley makes it possible for mobile developers to take an even bigger step toward cross-platform play by bringing their entire game to the web. In many cases, this preempts the need for a webshop by driving all in-app purchases through the actual game itself.

"Bringing our mobile games to the web was an important strategic decision, and Pley made it incredibly smooth. Their toolchain and cloud distribution platform simplifies the entire process, from hosting to monetization, while ensuring our games run flawlessly on every major browser," says Mathias Royer, Chief Studios Officer at Tilting Point.

By enabling smooth, latency-free gameplay in the browser, Pley unlocks the complete commercial potential of mobile games for a significantly larger demographic, while equipping developers with tools that don’t require any web expertise. Developers can focus on building great mobile games while Pley does the heavy lifting to make the title available on the web.

Using Pley’s toolchain, developers can quickly port Unity mobile games onto their own game site in just a few short weeks. Pley’s solution also includes custom game sites for each title distributed on the platform. This approach gives developers and publishers the freedom to make their game accessible on a domain and URL of their choice, with a fully game-branded experience for their players.

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