1. Medialets Launches Servo Total Attribution Attribution and Monetization Platform
8/20/2014 4:24:27 PM
Medialets Launches Servo Total Attribution Attribution and Monetization Platform
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Medialets Launches Servo Total Attribution Attribution and Monetization Platform

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Medialets’ Servo Total Attribution has received several updates to provide developers, publishers and advertisers a look into the value of every mobile impression in their campaigns, connecting view-throughs, click-throughs, and other media events directly to each slice of downstream conversion activity across any mobile app, mobile browser, and back again, on every modern mobile device. 

The new offering includes a self-service UI for configuring and managing conversion goals, generating tags, and tying it all into the platform’s campaign management workflow. The platform also offers real-time attribution notification to publishers (server postbacks) providing the ability to optimize impression delivery to people similar to those who have already converted. 

The Servo Total Attribution platform offers a suite of capabilities to measure the effectiveness of mobile media spend. For direct response advertisers, it opens a view into which specific publishers and the ad creatives they’re running are driving customer conversion. For app developers/publishers, it simplifies the process of running app install and app re-engagement campaigns across the mobile ecosystem by sending real-time, attributed conversion events to publishers who can optimize targeting against them, all without the need to install any SDK.

The platform works by implementing one or more Servo conversion pixels within a mobile app or on web landing page. When Servo delivers or tracks an ad for that advertiser, Servo Total Attribution automatically connects all the dots within a customizable timeframe set by the marketer. The entire mobile path to conversion is revealed, and can instantly be passed directly to publishers, ad networks, and DSPs for real-time media optimization to directly improve conversion rates.

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