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11/7/2022 11:27:44 AM
Infrastructure as Code enhancements from Quali
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Infrastructure as Code enhancements from Quali


Infrastructure as Code enhancements from Quali

Monday, November 7, 2022

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Quali has announced new Infrastructure as Code enhancements that simplify cloud infrastructure management with their latest evolution of the Torque platform, which brings order to the chaos of complex cloud environments used throughout the CI/CD pipeline.

Quali announced new capabilities that simplify the management of Infrastructure as Code (IaC), strengthen infrastructure governance, and provide further actionable data on the usage and cost of cloud infrastructure.

Torque delivers on businesses’ need to scale with transparency and controls to ensure governance and accountability without introducing inhibitors to rapid execution. Without any additional effort and with no implementation needed, Torque removes friction and promotes productivity by discovering, analyzing, and importing existing IaC assets created by DevOps teams, templatizing those assets into complete application environments, and allowing governed self-service access with unprecedented visibility and control. Torque allows teams to set policies that enforce governance, manage costs, and mitigate risks associated with cloud infrastructure, which enables organizations to respond to business requirements and deliver change faster and with greater agility.

Torque operates across all major cloud providers, as well as major infrastructure types like containers, VMs, and Kubernetes on any target infrastructure. The latest release of Torque delivers key capabilities to simplify complex infrastructure, manage IaC files and integrate with the most widely used technologies to leverage business’ existing investments.

New enhancements to Torque include

New enhancements to Torque include:

  • Helm drift detection - in addition to the ability to detect infrastructure drift for Terraform files, Torque now adds that capability for Helm Charts, building an additional layer of control to ensure infrastructure consistency throughout the CI/CD pipeline.
  • "BYO" Terraform policies - Torque supports basic Terraform policies, but now allows the import of existing definitions, so users can leverage previous work to define policies.
  • Enhanced cost reporting - Cost reporting capabilities have been enhanced to include automatic cost collection for Kubernetes hosts to enhance cost visibility and provide business context to resource consumption.
  • Environment view - From a single pane of glass, Torque lists all elements comprising an environment blueprint definition pulled from the user’s Git, including visibility into all subcomponents of environment definitions.
  • Audit Log integrations - All data collected by Torque can be imported into third-party audit tools like ELK elastic search service, promoting greater visibility and accountability, and further strengthening IT teams’ ability to enforce compliance.

"The rate at which technology is evolving has created a level of complexity that businesses are struggling to manage. As a result, many are turning to IaC for automation, but environments now consist of a larger number of technologies that need to be governed. Torque is the control plane that manages those technologies, so organizations can operate with more speed, greater scale, lower costs, and less risk," said Lior Koriat, CEO of Quali.

With Torque, IT leaders understand what infrastructure is being used, when, why, and by who in a consistent, measurable way without any negative impact on development practices and tooling. This ensures freedoms for software development teams are maintained, while accelerating infrastructure delivery speed, accountability and mitigating risk to support the business need to plan, optimize and understand the value delivered by software and infrastructure.

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