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10/21/2022 1:37:11 PM
ClickHouse Cloud beta released on AWS
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ClickHouse Cloud beta released on AWS

Cloud Services

ClickHouse Cloud beta released on AWS

Friday, October 21, 2022

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

ClickHouse has introduced ClickHouse Cloud, the lightning-fast OLAP database, that was initially released in Beta on AWS, and is coming soon on other cloud providers. The speed users experienced with ClickHouse is now available through their cloud offering with high availibility and strong security.

ClickHouse, Inc. has announced the launch of ClickHouse Cloud, a lightning-fast cloud-based database that simplifies and accelerates insights and analytics for modern digital enterprises. With no infrastructure to manage, ClickHouse Cloud architecture decouples storage and compute and scales automatically to accommodate modern workloads, so users do not have to size and tune their clusters to achieve blazing-fast query speeds.

Historically, data infrastructure and analytics solutions have been expensive and difficult to manage. Companies frequently bore the expense of specialized experts and infrastructure teams, only to receive unacceptable performance in return, as legacy solutions struggled to scale. The introduction of ClickHouse Cloud, built by the creators of the much-loved open-source project, brings enterprise-grade data analytics and lightning-fast insights to the masses. A ClickHouse Cloud user can log in and launch a new service with a few clicks, and start analyzing their own data in under five minutes.

Announcing ClickHouse Cloud: Democratizing lightning-fast insights and analytics

ClickHouse Cloud, initially released in Beta on AWS, and coming soon on other cloud providers, is highly available and secure by default, so users can focus on developing business-critical applications without the overhead of tuning cluster topology settings. Developers can adopt the latest ClickHouse capabilities, and never have to worry about time-consuming manual upgrades. Built on strong security and privacy fundamentals, the service is already SOC 2 Type I and GDPR compliant, with additional certifications in progress.

ClickHouse Cloud is fully self-service, with a simple, transparent pricing model that allows users to pay only for the resources they use without the need to over-provision for peak workloads. Existing ClickHouse users can migrate to ClickHouse Cloud with just a few simple steps, and new users can get started just as easily. ClickHouse Cloud features a robust partner integration ecosystem for data onboarding, data visualization, and language clients, further accelerating developer and analyst productivity.

"ClickHouse was built to enable our users to derive insights in real-time from ever-increasing data volumes. Now the experience our open-source users have loved for years is available in a simple and easy-to-use cloud service. It takes just a few minutes to get started, and the rich and growing ecosystem of integrations and partners makes it even easier to ingest and analyze data. We believe this intersection of incredibly high speed and amazingly efficient scale delivers critical advantages to our customers," says Aaron Katz, co-founder, and CEO of ClickHouse, Inc.

"With ClickHouse Cloud, our developers can go from concept to delivery on a new analytical feature in days, instead of weeks. And our operations teams do not have to spend cycles tuning cluster performance for even the most demanding workloads. Decoupled storage and compute architecture and usage-based pricing ensure that we don’t have to over-provision infrastructure, and as a result, our business moves even faster to deliver value to our users at a reduced cost," says Varun Krishnani of Adevinta.

"We use ClickHouse Cloud to monitor millions of real-time web performance data points, to ensure we’re getting faster all the time. The platform delivers fast and reliable data management, while also proving to be cost-efficient and user-friendly," says Daunish Aboobaker, VP Engineering at Minted.

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