11/20/2013 8:45:34 AM
Distimo Makes API Free to All App Developers
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Distimo Makes API Free to All App Developers

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Distimo has announced that new and existing users can now access their API to track app market data at no charge. The API can be used for gathering analytics, analyzing market trends or generating leads.

Using the API, Distimo App Analytics users can access data like downloads, revenues, rankings and reviews for their own apps, which can be broken down by country, continent, app store, app, device and time frame. Customers receive all data from their own apps as well as daily download and revenue estimations for any app of their choosing.

Distimo’s API allows users to store data collected from Distimo into their own data storage or analytics solutions and use Distimo as their core reporting API for any internal analytics solutions. The data can be accessed from Distimo’s API via any programming language or tools and data can be exported in CSV or JSON file formats.

For more information visit the link below.

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