1. Analysis reveals app push notifications increase spending by 16 percent
8/29/2017 1:14:13 PM
Analysis reveals app push notifications increase spending by 16 percent
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Analysis reveals app push notifications increase spending by 16 percent

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mobile marketing trends report says push notifications help increase In-App spending by 16.9 percent and drive 9.6x more users to buy.

Leanplum, has announced a new Mobile Marketing Trends report, “In-App Purchases Now: Insights to Driving Mobile Revenue,” which uncovers key drivers for increasing in-app purchases. Previous Leanplum data identified that 90% of mobile shopping carts are abandoned without completing a purchase. Leanplum’s latest report, based on data captured by Leanplum from more than 56 million mobile marketing activities, studied push notifications that include promotion-related words like buy, purchase, pay, sale, and reserve. The findings offer significant insights into how push notifications can deliver increased conversions and higher monetization opportunities.

The report found that:

- Promotional push notifications drive 9.6x as many users to make a purchase, compared to customers who did not receive a message.
- Promotional push notifications increase in-app spend by 16%, proving an effective tool for upselling and cross-selling in-app purchases.
- Promotional push notifications sent on a Saturday result in 2.2x more purchases than notifications sent on Thursday.
- Promotional push notifications sent during late afternoon lead to 2.7x more purchases.

“The data validates that push notifications are essential to growing mobile app revenue,” said Momchil Kyurkchiev, Leanplum Co-Founder and CEO. “When mobile brands run multi-channel campaigns, including push notifications, email, and in-app messaging, they see even greater levels of engagement. This Mobile Marketing Trends report drives home the importance of adopting push to increase your brand’s bottom line.”

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