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8/31/2022 3:51:52 PM
App store revenue increases for non game apps
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App store revenue increases for non game apps


App store revenue increases for non game apps

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

Vyom Chaud from Safe Betting Sites discusses how non-game app spending on the app store is predicted to increase 3X by 2027. The 176% increase in revenue by 2026 would see non-game spending from users eclipse the spending on games in the app store in the coming years.

Gaming apps account for the majority of revenue on the App Store currently. However, that is to change in the coming years. According to the numbers presented by Safebettingsites.com, the user-spending on non-game apps in the App Store is set to increase by 176%, by 2026. This increase in revenue would see non-game spending from users eclipse the spending on games in the App Store in the coming years.

Share Of Non-Game Spending To Go From 39% To 57% In Five Years

According to the information provided by SensorTower, non-gaming apps on App Store are expected to see tremendous growth in user spending in the coming years.

The cumulative user spending on app purchases, in-app purchases, and subscription fees in the App Store was $82B in 2021. Of this amount, $52B (61%) came from gaming apps and $33B (39%) from non-gaming apps. In 2022, the overall spending is expected to reach $92B, an increase of 12.2% from 2021. Of $92B, non-gaming apps should account for $39B (42.4%) and spending on games should account for $53B (57.6%). Comparing these numbers to 2021 figures shows that spending on games will only increase by one billion. Hence, the majority of growth in App-Store spending in 2022 is expected to come from non-gaming apps.

Non-Game Apps Spending On App Store To Become 3X By 2027

When we look at the five-year period, the total spending in the App Store is projected to increase by almost 90%, from $85B in 2021 to $161B in 2021. However, the growth in game spending will be just 35%, from $52B in 2021 to $70B in 2026.

As stated earlier, the majority of growth is expected from the non-gaming sector. The spending on non-gaming apps will increase from $33B to $91B, a massive change of 176% which is significantly higher than the 35% growth expected for gaming apps.

The growth in spending on non-gaming apps is majorly attributed to the entertainment sector, with the subscription model becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

You can read the entire report with additional statistics and information at: https://www.safebettingsites.com/2022/08/30/non-game-apps-spending-on-app-store-to-become-3x-by-2027/

Projected Spending on the app store

Projected spending on the app store

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