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7/6/2023 4:35:55 PM
What Threads from Meta can teach developers about app marketing
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What Threads from Meta can teach developers about app marketing

Marketing & Promotion

What Threads from Meta can teach developers about app marketing

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner
Richard Harris Richard Harris

Threads, the text-based conversation app by Instagram, came out of nowhere and is already #1 in Social Networking on the Apple App Store. We explain what the app does, its unique features, how to download and use the app, and answered all of the questions you can think of about Threads.

In the landscape of mobile applications, every new launch presents an opportunity to learn valuable lessons about app marketing and user engagement. Mark Zuckerberg, has achieved overnight success with the launch of the Threads app. The highly popular app is intertwined with Instagram and offers users a new way to message and network with friends and family. We analyzed the techniques and app marketing strategies Meta used and listed them out for entrepreneurs and app developers alike.

The new Threads app focuses on fostering an inclusive and engaging community where users can create and participate in threads, which are dedicated spaces for specific topics or conversations. These threads serve as virtual hubs where users can share their thoughts, ask questions, and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals. One of the standout features of Meta's new Threads is its intelligent algorithm that curates personalized content for each user. By analyzing user preferences, interactions, and past activity, the app presents relevant threads and discussions that align with a user's interests, ensuring a tailored and enriching experience. Some people love that, and some people have said they hate it. “I just want to see what my friends are doing!”, says one user on the new platform.

Let's dive into the techniques and app marketing lessons we can learn from Threads triumph:

What developers can learn about app marketing from Threads, an Instagram app

  • Identifying a Target Audience: Before Threads, Zuckerberg recognized a growing need among younger generations for a more intimate and private communication experience. By pinpointing this target audience, Threads was tailored to cater to the desires and preferences of this specific demographic. Understanding the needs of your target audience is crucial for developing a successful app.
  • Building on Existing Platforms: Leveraging the immense popularity and established user base of Instagram, Zuckerberg integrated Threads seamlessly with the photo-sharing app. By piggybacking on an existing platform, Facebook was able to fast-track user adoption and tap into an already engaged audience. Building on an established user base can significantly boost your app's reach and user acquisition.
  • Simplified and Focused Functionality: Threads excelled by offering a streamlined experience centered around close friends and creating smaller, more intimate social circles. It emphasized quick photo sharing, location updates, and status messages, keeping the user experience simple, focused, and aligned with the core purpose of the app. When developing your app, consider focusing on specific functionalities that resonate strongly with your target audience.
  • Viral and Authentic Marketing: Mark Zuckerberg and his team recognized the power of organic growth and harnessed it through authentic marketing strategies. By highlighting the exclusive nature of the app, they created a sense of curiosity and FOMO (fear of missing out) among potential users. Threads' invite-only approach and limited availability further fueled its demand and generated buzz within social circles. Employing viral marketing techniques that evoke curiosity and exclusivity can be an effective strategy for launching a successful app.
  • Feedback-driven Iteration: Zuckerberg's team actively sought feedback from early adopters and paid close attention to user suggestions and complaints. This iterative approach allowed them to identify and rectify issues promptly, leading to continuous improvements and enhanced user satisfaction. By listening to and addressing user feedback, you can develop a more user-centric app that meets the evolving needs of your audience.
  • Seamless Integration and Cross-Promotion: To ensure the success of Threads, Mark Zuckerberg's team integrated the app seamlessly into the Facebook ecosystem. Users were able to access Threads through Facebook, and the app, in turn, encouraged users to share their content back to Instagram Stories. This cross-promotion technique increased the visibility and adoption of Threads while leveraging the existing user base of Facebook and Instagram.

The successful launch of Threads by Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg showcases the power of strategic marketing and understanding your target audience's needs. By identifying a niche, building on existing platforms, offering a focused experience, employing authentic marketing, embracing user feedback, and seamlessly integrating with related apps, Zuckerberg has set a benchmark for future app launches.

As aspiring app developers and entrepreneurs, there is much to learn from Threads. By using these lessons and infusing our own creativity, we can also pave the way for groundbreaking app launches that resonate with users worldwide.

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What tech does Threads run on

Image credits: Meta

What tech does Threads run on?

Threads was developed for iOS and Android platforms, leveraging the technologies offered by Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems. The app was developed using the programming languages Swift for iOS and Java & Kotlin for Android. This allowed developers to ensure Threads provided a seamless and optimized experience for users on both major mobile platforms.

How does Threads compare to Twitter

How does Threads compare to Twitter?

In terms of functionality and purpose, Threads sets itself apart from Twitter. While Twitter serves as a microblogging platform for sharing messages, links, and multimedia content with a broad audience, Threads prioritizes intimate and private interactions. The app also provides the community tools such as upvoting, downvoting, and commenting, which promote constructive dialogue and reward valuable contributions. Within Threads, users can share photos, videos, text messages, and automatic status updates with their close friends. Threads does not offer a public news feed like Twitter where users can see public posts from accounts they follow. Thread revolves around private interactions and allows users to communicate exclusively with their chosen inner circle.

How did they get 10M users in 7 hours?

In a remarkable 7 hours, the newly launched Threads app gained an astounding 10 million users. This rapid user influx showcases the app's appeal and its potential to reshape the way users connect and share with their close friends through social networking. As of the latest available information, Threads has amassed over 30 million users and is continuing to grow. It is currently behind Twitter's user count, which boasts a considerably larger user base with hundreds of millions of active users worldwide. It will be interesting to observe how Threads evolves and competes with established platforms like Twitter in the future.

What did Threads clearly borrow from other platforms

What did Threads clearly borrow from other platforms?

Threads clearly draws inspiration from various existing platforms and features. Some notable elements borrowed from other platforms include:

  • Snapchat: Threads incorporates several features reminiscent of Snapchat, such as the focus on private and intimate interactions, ephemeral content, and automatic status updates. The app's emphasis on sharing real-time moments and updates aligns closely with Snapchat's core functionality.
  • Instagram Close Friends List: Threads builds upon the Close Friends List feature introduced by Instagram. It allows users to create a curated list of close friends on Instagram and share Stories exclusively with that group. Threads takes this concept further by offering a dedicated app solely for connecting with those close friends.
  • WhatsApp Status: The "Auto Status" feature in Threads, where users can automatically update their status based on contextual information, shares similarities with WhatsApp's Status feature. WhatsApp users can share text, photos, videos, and GIFs as a temporary status update visible to their contacts for 24 hours.
Acquiring 10 million users in just 7 hours

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