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3/7/2022 8:54:57 AM
Sand Vegas Casino Club to launch metaverse casinos
Sand Vegas Casino Club,Launch,Metaverse,Casinos
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Sand Vegas Casino Club to launch metaverse casinos


Sand Vegas Casino Club to launch metaverse casinos

Monday, March 7, 2022

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Sand Vegas Casino Club has announced its new project that will create casinos in the Sandbox Metaverse and give profit sharing to holders of the 11,111 NFTs. Golden Gambler NFTs will unlock special access to metaverse rooms and free tournaments entries on top of profit sharing.

An NFT project called Sand Vegas Casino Club, or SVCC for short, is making quite a storm among metaverse enthusiasts and NFT holders for it's passive income earning potential. This project aims to create multiple virtual casinos and share profits to all holders of these 11,111 NFTs. The casinos will be launched in the Web 2.0 and 3.0 spaces and include a new variation of NFT called the Golden Gambler that boosts profits even more (if you hold one of those tokens).

Sand Vegas Casino Club Roadmap

The development team appears to be very strong behind this project, giving constant updates to the community. They are a team of German entrepreneurs with a heavy background in online marketing, casino-related ventures, and management. The 2 main metaverse components to this project are the two titans, Sandbox and Decentraland. They have recently announced that they will also be entering into the Infinity Void metaverse when it launches.

January 2022

  • Acquiring 3 3x3 land (27 plots) in Sandbox (done) & acquiring Land in Decentraland. The planning stage for our Casino will be initiated with weekly updates on our Discord / YouTube Channel

February 2022

  • Launching Lottery with prizes up to 250,000 $ for NFT holders. Each NFT held, gives you an entry in the lottery

March 2022

  • 777 random lucky holders will get a unique 3D Voxel Character of their Gambler to use in the Sandbox Game, giving you additional rakeback benefits

March-August 2022

  • Building the SandVegasCasino in the Sandbox & making sure all regulatory/legal requirements are met
  • Ability to monetize Sandbox Land via Portals, Ad Space, etc

May-October 2022

  • Launch of our sandvegascasino & Web 2.0 Casino - first profit distribution to our holders
  • Launching weekly tournaments for NFT holders including blackjack baccarat, horse racing, etc
Metaverse Casino from SVCC

Metaverse Casino from SVCC

SVCC is still a fairly new project but is showing great promise and potential. Of course, this is not financial advice, but it will be very interesting to see how this continues. To unfold and develop. The team behind this project is constantly making promises and then shattering expectations.

Each NFT is referred to as a gambler. Each gambler is entitled to a portion of the profit sharing. Current profit sharing numbers are astounding at 50% being given back to the holders of these NFTs. The 50% profit share is applicable to all metaverse casinos, and then an additional 20% is applied from the Web 2.0 casino. As mentioned earlier, they have recently just launched 1,111 Golden Gamblers into existence. These will not receive any profit share from the metaverse casino, but rather they disperse 30% of all Web 2.0 casino profits between the 1,111 holders.

The advantages to holding a Golden Gambler go beyond profit-sharing though, with things like exclusive access to metaverse rooms, as well as free casino tournament entries. It really seems like the goal of this project is not only to create a digital casino, but rather a strong community that has an interest in being a part of something like this.

Between the constant updates, and new dynamics being added to this project, this is definitely something to keep an eye on. Big things are coming this year with the metaverse, and we are all excited to see how this year will unfold.

Golden Gamblers Collection

Golden Gamblers Collection

The Golden Gambler collection is a separate collection of 1111 Gamblers that are sharing a total of 30 % of the Web 2.0 Casino profits. Additionally holding a Golden Gambler will give you additional benefits for our Metaverse Casinos in Decentraland & Sandbox allowing you to play in the "Golden Rooms" created for HighRollers. The Golden Collection comes with a huge range of benefits like free tournament entries (inside our Online Casino), a Golden Lottery, additional referral bonus, exclusive events & meet-ups, rakeback benefits & many more.

The Golden Gambler collection will drop on February 5th at 4 pm PST with a Dutch Auction starting from 7.77 ETH. The price will go down every 10 minutes by 0.5 ETH and the ending price will be 0.77 ETH.

Building the Sand Vegas Multiverse Casinos

THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS. And with SandVegasCasinoClub NFTs YOU can BE THE HOUSE!

Join the exclusive Club and fund the creation of the SandVegasCasinoClub in the Sandbox Decentraland Metaverse & our Web 2.0 Casino. To learn more about SVCC visit https://sandvegascasino.club/

Sand Vegas Casino Club features:

Passive Income by becoming a Casino Owner

50% of the generated profits in the SandVegasCasinoClub will be distributed to the SandVegasCasinoClub NFT holders. There will be different levels of profit-share, depending on which NFT you own.
Holding your NFT will generate passive income, which can be used in the online casino (with rakeback benefits) or paid out to your wallet.

Partnerships with Streamers / Online Marketers

We are already in contact with casino streamers all over the world and have agreed on the first partnerships. Casino Streamers working with us will exclusively play and stream in our SandVegas Casino. Depending on the Programming Work that is needed and the regulations/logic inside the Sandbox Game, there will also be a referral program, which makes our Casino even more attractive to Casino Streamers and Affiliate Marketers all over the world.


Every NFT holder will be eligible to take part in a monthly lottery with prizes up to $250,000. Each NFT held will give you an entry into the lottery and grant you free spins on our SandVegas Spin Wheel.

Contributed Rakeback

Everyone playing in the SandVegasCasinoClub holding a SandVegasCasinoClub Gambler NFT will be eligible for contributed Rakeback. Your rake is based on the percentage of the money you contribute to the pot.

Weekly Tournaments (Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Horse Racing, …)

SandVegasCasinoClub NFT Holders will be able to participate in our weekly tournaments for free. There will be blackjack, poker, baccarat & even horse racing tournaments taking place in our SandVegasCasinoClub.

VIP Areas & Access

Dedicated VIP areas will be only accessible with a special SandVegasCasinoClub Gambler. In the VIP Areas, you cannot only enjoy virtual drinks and have a smoke but also dance to music from different DJs or have a chat with like-minded Gamblers.

Voxel Items for NFT holders

Owners of the Gamblers will have the possibility to carry our merchandise in the Sandbox Metaverse (and will even get rewarded for it)

Monetizing your Sandbox Land

Our holders will receive premium rates for advertising or putting portals to our Casino on their lands.

Monthly Charity Donation

We will make a monthly charity donation of 1 % of the Casinos Profits. Owners of our NFT will be able to vote on which charity/organization will receive the monthly donation.

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