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2/11/2022 11:54:27 AM
NFT and DeFi support from Umbria Network
NFT,DeFi,Support,From,Umbria Network
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NFT and DeFi support from Umbria Network


NFT and DeFi support from Umbria Network

Friday, February 11, 2022

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Umbria Network announced that they are partnering with Polygon Alliance to support NFT and DeFi projects and bring the cheapest ETH to WETH bridging to a wider audience. Umbria Network is ensuring that projects on the Polygon network will have access to the Narni Bridge for cross-chain transactions.

Umbria is working with Polygon Alliance to ensure projects on the Polygon network have access to the Narni Bridge for the fastest and most cost-effective cross-chain transactions.

Polygon Alliance

A platform for the Polygon community to network, collaborate, learn, and grow - provides resources and support for projects in the space. It recommends Umbria’s Narni bridge to its members as the cheapest and fastest solution for bridging ETH (Ether) to the Polygon network from Ethereum Mainnet and vice versa. Polygon Alliance has also integrated Umbria’s Narni bridge widget into its site for a seamless user experience.

Umbria continues to enhance its presence in the field with further collaborations. Its latest partners (detailed below) endorse the Narni Bridge and promote it to their communities for bridging crypto.

Invaluable Club

INVALUABLE is a utility-driven NFT marketplace and ecosystem created by collectors for collectors featuring its own metaverse, the INVALUABLE CLUB. The club is essentially a digital playground that brings collectors, artists, musicians, athletes, and brands together through an interactive and immersive experience.


Funky Otters

Baby Otters is a community-focused collection of 7777 randomly generated NFTs from 170+ traits, living on the Polygon blockchain. By owning a Baby Otter and Funky Otter, you will be part of a long-term brand, vision, and community. With metaverse, giveaways, comics, merch, collaborations, charity, events, Otters, and much more to come in 2022.

Check out more on the website: funkyotters.com

Collections: https://opensea.io/collection/baby-otters


Troll Game

Troll Game is a fast-paced, quickly updating play-to-earn Polygon blockchain game. In this game you can experience the fun of raiding, protecting your dwarves, visiting the bank, and having some fun in the casino! The main focus of the game is $BERYL. The coveted token that dwarves mine and trolls desire. You will want to hold as much $BERYL as possible to obtain loot, armor, and even buildings to place on your land.


CRAZY BEARS is a community-driven collectibles NFT project. CRAZY BEARS consists of over 300 attractive characteristics of faces, hats, bodies, accessories, items, and backgrounds. You will find the perfect bear for you. Each CRAZY BEAR is an NFT on the Polygon blockchain. We believe that with the help of imaginative CRAZY OWNERS and BEARS, we can create content that will change the world.


The Matic Greys

The Matic Greys are a brand-new collection of 7,747 out of this world NFTs, invading the polygon blockchain. Each hand-drawn Grey is randomly generated with over 100 distinct attributes of varying rarity, stored as ERC-721 tokens, and hosted on IPFS each one referencing an aspect of Earthly pop culture. Owning a Matic Grey not only provides you with a rare, one-of-a-kind, work of art, but also provides access to the Mothership on TCG World: a metaverse community where members can play games, win prizes, and vote on charitable donations.



MicroBuddies is an NFT strategy game developed by Good Gaming, Inc. and powered by Polygon. In-game, players passively earn GOO from their MicroBuddies, which can be spent to create rarer MicroBuddies who produce even more GOO. To date, over 50,000 MicroBuddies have been created, producing over two billion GOO in total. To learn more, visit https://microbuddies.io.


Official Monstys NFT is a collection made up of 200 unique handmade Monstys on the Polygon blockchain. A very small volume of Monstys will be minted as a limited edition, which will make them rare. Monstynfts were created with different moods with each Monsty having different and unique properties and movement/animation.

The collection can be found here: https://opensea.io/collection/monstys: and more info about the project here:


Crypto Goonz

A collection of 6000 Goonz traveling the Goonizverse on the Polygon Blockchain. Featuring OG, FemGoonz, ZombGoonz, DeadGoonz, AstroGoonz and CyborGoonz! Designed to showcase the perfection in imperfection, they exist to serve one purpose; take over the Gooniverse. Our collections can be found here:



"Through partnerships, we are improving the user experience for growing numbers within the DeFi and NFT space by facilitating the cheap migration of assets cross-chain. We’re helping projects onboard new communities easily and providing a platform to increase their visibility whilst simultaneously increasing our own profile. Usage of Umbria’s Narni Bridge has accelerated substantially in the last few weeks, and we keep surpassing all-time highs on transactions. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, old and new, for their support and promotion of Umbria and the Narni Bridge," said Barney Chambers, co-lead developer/founder of Umbria.

Dave Swainbank of Polygon Alliance commented: "As a co-founder of Polygon Alliance, one of our main drives is to bring together anyone that can offer value to the Polygon community. I am excited to be working with Umbria, who has consistently offered value to Polygon NFT projects via their bridge; a simple and effective way to reduce gas fees."

"The greatest challenge in onboarding new players to a blockchain game today is wallet funding. Umbria simplifies this process by allowing players to seamlessly bridge funds from Ethereum to Polygon in a fast and gas-efficient manner. Additionally, the tools Umbria provides will allow us to eventually integrate their bridge directly into the MicroBuddies app, streamlining the process for our users and making wallet funding easier than ever before,” said Fluxty, founder of MicroBuddies.

Umbria recently launched its Binance Smart Chain and Avalanche bridges and is looking for projects on these networks that would like to partner and introduce their communities to the fastest and cheapest Ethereum mainnet to AVAX and BSC bridging. Anyone interested in a partnership should fill out this form: https://partner.umbria.network/  

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