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12/20/2021 8:34:22 AM
DeFi platform expands into the NFT space
DeFi,Platform,Expands,Into the NFT Space
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DeFi platform expands into the NFT space


DeFi platform expands into the NFT space

Monday, December 20, 2021

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Umbria, the cross-chain DeFi platform expands into the NFT space, making it faster and cheaper to bridge Ether to Polygon ETH (WETH). On average it takes less than 4 minutes to bridge the transaction with a cost from $4-$9. Umbria Network is also partnering with over 6 NFT projects like Taco Tribe.

Umbria Network has augmented its position in the NFT space with its second phase of partnerships.

The protocol has introduced its novel Narni cross-chain liquidity bridge to a wider NFT audience via collaborations with innovative projects that are minting and selling on the Polygon blockchain. When buying NFTs on a Polygon marketplace such as OpenSea, users must bridge their Ether (ETH) to Polygon ETH, known as Wrapped ETH (WETH). Umbria’s Narni bridge facilitates this cross-chain transaction substantially faster and cheaper than similar bridges. It typically takes less than four minutes and often costs just $4-$9 to transfer assets from the Ethereum to the Polygon network.

Umbria Network, the DeFi platform expands into the NFT space

Umbria Network is pleased to partner with the following NFT projects, which endorse the Narni Bridge and promote it to their communities as the fastest and cheapest method for bridging crypto.

Frontyard Baseball is a P2E gaming NFT with a focus on giving back to youth sports programs within communities. There are only 25,000 players available each with their own special attributes. $125,000 will be donated through the minting process to an underprivileged youth sports charity of the community’s choosing. 50% of all royalties on OpenSea will go to the same charity. After the sellout, Frontyard Baseball will be giving away a Tesla to a random holder in the community. Its gameplay is a 9v9 simulated baseball game to play against your NFT friends.

Friday Night Punks, a fun hand-made pixelated NFT collection of the best American Football players. These unique NFTs are limited edition punks of favorite players, teams, and eras. All punks have different rarities: Star, Superstar, or Legend.
They’re aimed at fans of American Football and fans of the hugely popular CryptoPunks NFT collection.

The main collection can be found here: https://opensea.io/collection/friday-night-punks

The side collection for Heisman Trophy Winner Legends is here:


Taco Tribe - The most delicious NFTs on Polygon, the Taco Tribe is a collection of 8,226 generated cute tacos. 150 Tacos are dropped biweekly with over 500 different unique traits. A percentage of initial sales will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. The collection can be found here: 


CyberPunks Evolved - a collection of 10,000 CyberPunk NFTs inspired by a videogame character of the developers’ own creation. They are unique digital collectibles living on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain and no two are exactly the same. Owning a CyberPunk gives access to members-only benefits and whitelist to the next CyberPunk REMIX Collection. CyberPunks Evolved recommends using the Umbria Narni Bridge for transferring ETH to Polygon. Minting now at: 


Peachy Poodles is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated Poodles for any occasion. Minting is currently in progress by the creator and all Poodles will be minted through the Polygon Network on OpenSea. Peachy Poodles endorses the Umbria Bridge as the cheapest and fastest ETH to Polygon bridge, and recommends it on its OpenSea page as listed below:


Beluga Bay is a project of 12,000 whales in six fun collections. Because we chose Polygon, we are able to do fun activities with our NFTs like land ownership inside Beluga Bay, breeding, and questing. In addition to our fun project, Beluga Bay Foundation hosts a Polygon NFT Community and Projects Twitter Spaces daily from 2 - 4 PM EST featuring 500+ NFT projects that have migrated to Polygon. In early December, Beluga Bay was rewarded with an exciting grant opportunity that will cover the infrastructure needed to build a community-based polygon-specific ecosystem. Beluga Bay is involved with various charity organizations focused on cancer and ocean cleanup. We are very happy to be partnered with Umbria for all of our bridging needs.

PolyChainPunks is 8,888 left-facing punks that live on the Polygon Chain. The Human species lived peacefully until the Alien faction invaded. The 3 Alien factions are the Greens, they are mostly neutral and peace-loving, the Blues were just and loyal and in charge of keeping the order; then there are the Reds, the violent, warmonger faction. 
Will the PolyChainPunks and Aliens learn to live in harmony? Will there be war in the Polygon Chain? Find out for yourself, own a Season 1 PolyChainPunk for a spot on Season 2.


NummyBoy is a 3D printable NFT project. Buying a NummyBoy puts your Nummy into a monthly lottery to get it 3D printed once we reach 5000 owners. Owning the NFT and physical 3D model increases the value of your collection. Support the project so people can own a physical 3D model NummyBoy.


Additionally, Umbria Network is proud to announce its partnership with Clover Finance. The Narni Bridge widget, integrated by Clover Finance, will enable users of the Clover Wallet to easily migrate their assets between the Ethereum and Polygon networks extremely cheaply and quickly.

"Increasing numbers of projects are electing to deploy their NFTs on Polygon due to the advantages in transaction cost and speed compared to Ethereum. Umbria provides the final piece of the puzzle by enabling communities to onboard to Polygon very quickly and cheaply. The word is getting out and we’re seeing rapid uptake of Narni. The NFT space is developing apace and it’s great to see more NFTs with use cases beyond their intrinsic scarcity plus the addition of gamification elements; this will undoubtedly be a catalyst for further Narni usage," said Barney Chambers, Co-lead Developer at Umbria.

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