1. Quovo creates a comprehensive API Suite for FinTech
11/21/2016 12:03:11 PM
Quovo creates a comprehensive API Suite for FinTech
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Quovo creates a comprehensive API Suite for FinTech

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave in API Monday, November 21, 2016

Quovo has announced the launch of its Account Authentication API. This RESTful API allows developers to instantly connect to financial accounts and verify key account data, helping to confirm account ownership, facilitate payments and cash transfers, and streamline the process of opening and funding new accounts. Together with Quovo's flagship Aggregation API, the Quovo Authentication API provides users with an end-to-end data solution to support client onboarding and beyond.

The Quovo Authentication API instantly links accounts using login credentials and offers unique value-add features not available through other services, such as:

- Integrated web hooks for real-time visibility into end user activity

- Embeddable white labeled interface for easy integrations and an elegant user experience

- Beta access to hybrid micro-deposit/credentials-based verification for coverage of all financial institutions in the US.

June Ou, CTO of SoFi and an early adopter of Quovo's Authentication API, added, "Our members expect our products to deliver seamless, easy-to-use experiences to manage their financial lives. We're excited to be an early partner of Quovo's on this new offering, which makes it really easy to authenticate accounts in a secure way.

Quovo's Authentication API was built with developers in mind first and foremost, equipping them with a ready-to-build toolkit for powering the next generation of financial services.