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New to App Marketing Here is What You Need to Know
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New to App Marketing Here is What You Need to Know

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson in Marketing & Promotion Monday, July 7, 2014

We’re all familiar with the recent rash of reality shows where someone is dropped into the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on their back (and a camera crew of course) and that person has to survive through their wits, skills and survival knowledge. They have a good chance of making it because – duh, the camera crew is there - but the point of the show is to watch to see how they use their acquired survival skills to stay alive.

So what would happen if you or I were dropped in the wilderness? We’d be eaten by a bear within 24 hours because we haven’t acquired the skills and knowledge to survive. So by now your thinking, “what is his point?” My point is that if you are an app developer and have an app that you want to promote and market, how will you and your app survive in the jungle that the current app stores represent?

Of course the solution is to do everything you can to learn the current app marketing trends. With the right marketing approach, you can turn insights on app user behavior, demographics, and more into targeted mobile app marketing campaigns to boost usage, convert users, and increase mobile revenue.

Localytics has created a 29-page eBook, written for people new to app marketing, which shows how to run app marketing campaigns that increase engagement, ROI and lifetime value.

It covers the new world of app marketing, details app marketing strategies (including best practices and potential campaigns to try), and provides an overview of the resources you need to ensure success.

Do you know what a Net Promoter Score (NPS) is? You will if you read this book (hint – it’s a tool to help developers gauge customer loyalty). What in-app events are most likely to trigger personalized responses? It and much more is covered as well.

The publication includes:

- The new definition of “App Marketing”
- App store optimization and launch
- Moving past “If You Build It, They Will Come”
- How to harness your analytics to inform better campaigns
- App Marketing 101: Acquisition, Interaction and Personalization
- The key to acquisition, interaction and personalization
- 8 real-world examples of effective push and in-app messaging
- Which metrics to measure and how to improve over time

The publication free and is available to download here.

Read more: http://info.localytics.com/4g-ebook-a-beginners-g...


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