1. New deltaDNA GO Mobile Game Analytics Platform Leverages HP Vertica Big Data Mining
3/25/2015 5:08:17 PM
New deltaDNA GO Mobile Game Analytics Platform Leverages HP Vertica Big Data Mining
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New deltaDNA GO Mobile Game Analytics Platform Leverages HP Vertica Big Data Mining

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Richard Harris Richard Harris

UK based deltaDNA has released a new mobile game analytics product that leverages HP Vertica’s data mining capabilities to help developers better understand player behaviors and identify insights to personalize games with a goal of improving player engagement and driving long term value.

deltaDNA GO helps free-to-play games by using advanced data mining and predictive modeling to identify and segment different player behaviors. Through this insight, players can be targeted with real-time individually-targeted in-game messages offering personalized experiences to increase retention and revenues. 

An integral part of deltaDNA’s player relationship management platform is HP Vertica, which collects, analyses and segments player data to find actionable behaviors and, through this insight, enables individual in-game responses in real time. The goal is to maximize engagement levels by helping developers and publishers understand their players’ experiences within the first minute of a game and respond appropriately. The HP Vertica platform processes data and makes it available to the system in less than 200 milliseconds

The deltaDNA platform also drives monetization of player data by providing deep data mining. Its toolset segments significant behaviors and identifies actionable insights fast offering the ability to quickly distinguish different player capabilities so that novices can be nurtured and experienced players challenged. Real-time targeted messages can shape the game environment for specific player segments, and make games responsive to different playing styles. 

The deltaDNA platform also allows games publishers and developers to improve player experience and engagement by identifying where the issues are, when interventions are most useful, and in what scenarios. Customers using deltaDNA GO benefit from accessing HP Vertica directly at the event level with flexibility and transparency as they measure, analyze and engage with players as they play the game, which enables continuous optimization of the game environment.

The deltaDNA platform is an open environment, allowing customers to leverage existing tools for direct access to event level data. The platform also enables integration with third party analytic tools such as Tableau and R to unlock big data insight. The base deltaDNA option is offered as a free solution for an unlimited number of users.

Read more: http://www.deltadna.com/

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