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3/19/2024 8:11:04 AM
Neopets saw rapid growth for 2023
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Neopets saw rapid growth for 2023


Neopets saw rapid growth for 2023

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Neopets had record-breaking business results and a surge in user engagement in 2023. and as Neopets approaches its quarter-century milestone in November 2024, they are set to further expand across creative in-game narratives, revenue streams, and customer experience to reach more users.

The almost 25-year-old legendary virtual pet game Neopets is delighted to present a strong 2023 business performance, following its transition into an independent entity known as World of Neopia, Inc. in July 2023. Since that transition, Neopets has experienced a remarkable turnaround, boasting an unprecedented 100% increase in monthly active users (MAU) and a new peak in revenue since 2017. This surge has propelled Neopets to reach its highest user base and financial achievements in seven years. As Neopets approaches its quarter-century milestone in November 2024, the company is set to further expand its business across creative in-game narratives, revenue streams and customer experience to reach more users in and beyond the digital realm.

Transformation into an entertainment brand

Harnessing the game’s IP cherished by 150 million users worldwide, Neopets stands to evolve into a prominent entertainment brand this year, starting with its expansion to recruit new creative and licensing teams consisting of skilled professionals.

In 2024, Neopets will embark on three pivotal initiatives: 1) launch new mobile gaming experiences and implement multi-faceted upgrades to the classic game, 2) establish strategic licensing partnerships with industry-leading brands, including Upper Deck, Hot Topic and Monopoly, and 3) drive community engagement that nurtures its inclusive ecosystem.

New and improved mobile gaming experiences

New and improved mobile gaming experiences

A key focus under the new leadership structure is to restore Neopets.com by optimizing user experience through the introduction of new features and creating touchpoints, including the launch of the new mobile game Neopets: Tales of Dacardia in 2024 Q2 and the remastered version of 2022 mobile game Neopets: Faerie’s Hope in 2024 Q3. Over 100 minigames that historically relied on the long-retired Adobe Flash have been revived, including fan favorites Turmac Roll, Kass Basher, and Meerca Chase II. In H1 2024, Neopets will introduce NeoPass, revolutionizing users’ access via a single login across Neopets.com, Neopets’ mobile games, and the Neopets e-Shop, creating a seamless brand experience.

"NeoPass is an important infrastructure to revive the whole IP. It ensures simplified access, uninterrupted gameplay, and enhanced security for Neopets users. We project this game-changing update will bring a significant increase in the active user base,"  expressed Dominic Law, CEO of Neopets, on the benefits of the integration.

Strategic licensing and partnerships

Strategic licensing and partnerships

In the 2024 pipeline, Neopets is set to launch a variety of new merchandise developed in collaboration with various partners, including but not limited to Upper Deck, Hot Topic, and Monopoly, alongside limited-edition items in Neopets E-shop slated for mid-year. Anticipated sales from these offerings are expected to bolster licensing revenue by multiple folds.

"Our solid performance in 2023 proves a momentous achievement since the transformation into World of Neopets, reaffirming our goal to explore multi-dimensional experiences whilst captivating a new generation of users. Within the first month of 2024, we have witnessed a significant surge in the monthly revenue following the launch of the NC UC Pet marketing campaign. As Neopets is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, we are committed to accommodate the growing community and better the game where players will create memories that last a lifetime," said Dominic Law.

Community engagement

Community engagement

With a player-centric approach at its core, Neopets reinforces the connection between Neopets’ leadership and its players through the introduction of community-driven initiatives, including monthly Neopets Live and the Community Ambassador Program. These initiatives foster direct interaction, facilitating collaborative decision-making and creating an open and transparent communication channel. With over 100,000 views from the global player community, this enthusiastic response has helped facilitate more inclusive and dynamic communication, ensuring that Neopets’ growth strategies align with the game’s ecosystem and players’ gaming experiences.

A series of campaigns will be held throughout the year to commemorate Neopets’ 25-year journey. It began with a one-month Christmas pop-up store at Hong Kong Fashion Walk in December 2023 that attracted over 500,000 visits, signifying a resounding resurgence of market interest. Dedicated to providing exciting social gaming experiences for seasoned players whilst expanding its reach across generations, Neopets will continue to evolve as an immersive global IP.

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