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Hothead games wants to make your mobile game a hit too
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Hothead games wants to make your mobile game a hit too

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Thursday, January 24, 2019

The publisher of hit mobile gaming titles such as Hero Hunters, and Kill Shot is currently partnering with other 3rd-party game developers to help them get the same traction in the app stores by using Hothead games new publishing division.

Hothead Games announced that it has launched a new publishing division to help third-party game developers turn their mobile games into hits. The company is currently accepting submissions and offering financial assistance for games in various stages of development that will benefit from Hothead’s expertise in analytics, marketing, monetization, and gameplay mechanics.
“Because Hothead has built our own publishing infrastructure to support our internally developed games, we know first hand how complex it is to develop, publish and support a liveops mobile game,” said Gregan Dunn, Hothead Games’ Director of Publishing. “We have every skill set required to make a game a success based on our experience with our own games. We are immensely excited to use our expertise to support up-and-coming developers and help them achieve the success they deserve.”
Hothead Games has self-published multiple award-winning and top grossing mobile games, including the Big Win Sports and Kill Shot franchises and Hero Hunters, 2018’s most successful new IP launch on mobile. Its titles have collectively achieved more than 300 million downloads across multiple categories on iTunes and Google Play. Because it has published dozens of its own games, Hothead understands the challenges involved in the publishing process better than companies that offer third-party publishing exclusively. 

Developers who publish their games through Hothead will have full access to all of the talented individuals that have made Hothead Games a success.

What do game developers get when publishing with Hothead?

  • Store & Asset Optimization: Create the best possible assets (icon, screenshots, videos, etc.) to market the game and drive conversions through the top app stores.
  • User Acquisition: Leverage Hothead’s in-house UA expertise gained through marketing our own games and spending millions of dollars on UA to optimize profit.
  • Advertising Revenue: Run optimized advertising placements in your games to earn more incremental revenue, while providing value to engaged users without cannibalizing your IAP revenue.
  • Machine Learning: Hothead Games’ machine learning SDK tracks user behavior to provide the most valuable IAPs during play.
  • Gameplay Best Practices: Recommended best practices for events, social features, content reuse, and extending the life cycle of your game.
  • Analytics & Data Science: Understand player behaviors and game activity with Hothead’s proprietary analytics and data science services.
  • Quality Assurance: Ensure high quality, bug-free player experience across multiple platforms and devices with thorough quality assurance testing and procedures.
  • Player Support: Trust Hothead’s player support team to quickly and successfully resolve any issues or questions that arise during gameplay.

“When it comes to picking a mobile gaming publisher to work with, size matters,” Dunn continued. “Developers want a company that is big enough to offer all of the resources, knowledge, and support they need, but not so big that their game is just one of many and doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Nothing matters more to us than the developers we choose to partner with and the games that they’ve poured their blood, sweat, and tears into. We know what it’s like to be in their shoes, and we are just as committed to their success as they are.”

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