1. Free mobile maps and traffic tiles for developers from new TomTom SDK
9/6/2018 10:01:26 AM
Free mobile maps and traffic tiles for developers from new TomTom SDK
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Free mobile maps and traffic tiles for developers from new TomTom SDK

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Richard Harris Richard Harris

TomTom wants you to use their mobile maps and other mapping services and they are giving away access to any developer who wants it.

When Google Maps increased the prices developers have to pay for the privlage of using them, many a developer went scurrying to find alternatives because even though there is a bit of "credit" they apply to your account, charges climb very quickly.

But at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, TomTom has announced that it will offer free maps and traffic tiles on its Mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK) in both Android and iOS. With the financial risks that come with building one’s own company, this free offering in TomTom’s Mobile SDK is a game changer for developers looking to build the next innovative app.

Anders Truelsen, Managing Director, TomTom Enterprise, said: “Every day, more exciting opportunities in areas like mobility and ridesharing emerge, in which digital maps play a crucial role. Given TomTom’s history in guiding people to where they need to go, it is only fitting for us to offer free Mobile Maps SDKs to help guide developers on the road to success.”

As more businesses adopt mobile to increase sales, maps that show office locations to customers have become a standard feature in all industries. With global coverage, the free maps tiles from TomTom mean that start-up businesses all over the world can present a professional first impression to interested customers and investors. TomTom Maps APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) also play a key role in other hot areas for entrepreneurship like IoT (Internet of Things) where traffic data is needed to enable self-driving cars and smart city planning. User check-ins for social media sites and targeted customer outreach for marketing firms also represent some of the many other innovative ways these APIs are being utilized.

TomTom Maps APIs do not require a credit card or contract to get started and will also be free of advertising.

In addition, TOM2 has also announced that its real-time and historical Traffic data, Speed Profiles, and map elements will be integrated into rideOS’ routing platform for self-driving vehicles to improve predictive analytics.

Through this agreement, rideOS’ services will also become compatible with TomTom’s High Definition maps, and the two companies will explore additional opportunities together. The traffic component of rideOS’ data platform is provided by TomTom through OpenLR, an open source project that provides royalty-free dynamic location referencing to enable reliable data exchange.

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