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1/15/2024 7:55:41 AM
Emergency preparedness app Perci launches
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Emergency preparedness app Perci launches


Emergency preparedness app Perci launches

Monday, January 15, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The all-in-one emergency preparedness app Perci has officially launched. The Perci App provides real-time disaster alerts that have been collated from multiple sources, and families can let each other know their safety status within the app during a disaster.

In 2022, about 3.4 million Americans had to leave their homes because of natural disasters. Perci recently launched a comprehensive disaster readiness solution. It helps families plan for emergencies based on where they live and how many people are in their home.

Perci App and evacuation vest: An all-in-one emergency preparedness solution

93% of Americans live in areas hit by weather disasters in the past ten years. This highlights how crucial it is to be ready for unexpected events. Made in South Los Angeles, Perci offers a unique disaster preparation solution with a mobile app and an award-winning evacuation vest. The Perci App guides families to:

  • Make evacuation plans
  • Decide how to shelter safely inside the home
  • Create plans to stay connected during a disaster
  • Safely pick up children from school when disaster strikes
  • Build a safety network in the neighborhood
  • Ensure pets are safe during the disaster
  • Plan for family members with a disability
  • Safeguard home and belongings
  • Plan for recovery after a disaster
  • Save funds for emergencies
  • Prepare to apply for aid
Get your family ready for the next disaster

Get your family ready for the next disaster

The Perci App provides real-time disaster alerts that have been collated from multiple sources - from the National Weather Service to the local law enforcement agencies. Families can let each other know their safety status within the app during a disaster. The Perci App has been developed by analyzing public safety agencies' recommendations for disaster preparedness from multiple countries including the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency emphasizes that "You are the help until help arrives." The Emergency Survival Guide from Los Angeles County notes, "90% of all rescues in major disasters are performed by family and neighbors, not professional first responders." Perci aims to make everyone self-sufficient to face a disaster they may encounter - be it hurricanes in Florida or Louisiana, wildfires in California or Colorado, flooding in Kentucky or West Virginia, tornadoes in Mississippi or Texas, or be it a polar vortex or extreme heat wave or anything in between.

When evacuating, panic can make people forget what to take or leave. The Perci Vest, a hands-free wearable with 25 emergency preparedness items located in easy-to-reach pockets is optimized for evacuation. The International Design Awards recognized Perci Vest with the Gold Design Award in Life Science Design and Bronze in Design for Society in 2022.

With the Perci Vest, individuals can concentrate on safeguarding their loved ones and property, knowing they have all essential items. It's light yet durable, and easy enough for anyone to use when evacuating. The vest's reflective icons, trims, and orange side panels and zippers improve visibility in dim conditions.

Vivek Kaliraman, Founder of Perci, highlights, "The Perci App and emergency vest will transform how families get ready for disasters. Whether before, during, or after a disaster, Perci is uniquely designed to ensure that every household and their neighbors are fully prepared to withstand and recover from a disaster confidently and safely."

Perci is the first-of-its-kind disaster-prepared solution that combines the digital and the physical via the Perci App and the Vest ensuring that individuals have the knowledge and equipment to overcome the unforeseen challenges posed by disasters.

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