10/10/2014 9:30:14 AM
Airpush's Revolutionary Abstract Banners Offer a Completely New level of Mobile Banner Engagement
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Airpush's Revolutionary Abstract Banners Offer a Completely New level of Mobile Banner Engagement

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Friday, October 10, 2014

Airpush is introducing Abstract Banners, a new banner ad format which offers a heightened level of ad engagement. These ads consist of transparent overlays over content that can generate an extremely unique user experience resulting in a significant increase in conversions when compared to standard banners.

The SDK launch for these new banners has just been announced by Airpush. The new ad format will allow developers to use their existing inventory of traditional 320x50 banners and move the ad creative across the app session. These closable animated ads are visually appealing and designed to enhance to the user experience.

According to Airpush’s Cameron V. Peebles, “We have done extensive beta testing with these new ad formats and they are producing two to five times the number of clicks when compared to traditional mobile banners and the conversion rates are significantly higher as well. This means that the CPM revenue that our developers are seeing is many times that of traditional banners.”

“There’s a reason more than 140,000 apps use the Airpush SDK,” said Peebles. “We continue to grow out network because our publishers earn the highest eCPM’s in the industry. We not only work hard to maximize our publisher’s revenue, we listen and respond to their needs.”

He continued, “For example, when visiting with our publishers a common theme was the need to access revenues more quickly to sustain and grow their app business. We listened and now offer an industry leading weekly payout, getting funds to our publisher’s hands faster than ever.”

Developers also benefit from Airpush’s industry’s leading fill rates. These fill rates attract the world’s top advertisers meaning that publisher inventory remains filled and at max revenues. Airpush’s global reach not only excels in countries like U.S and UK, but also in the more difficult to monetize countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Developers can tap into Airpush’s large, distributed global sales team to gain insights into monetizing traffic in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.

“Our industry is about innovation, and we are proud to receive a number of industry awards recognizing our efforts including the DataWeek + API World 2014’s award for Most Innovative Advertising Data Solution,” said Peebles. “We appreciate the recognition of our efforts to maximize publisher revenue, and we are continuously looking to create innovative opportunities. Our new Abstract Banners are just another step in our efforts to keep our customers ahead of the rest of the industry.”

The new ad formats are available for Android with iOS and Mobile Web coming soon. And there are no serving fees for the ad format. A comprehensive demo of the new Abstract Banners offering is available on the Airpush website.

Read more: http://www.airpush.com/abstract/appdev

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