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11/9/2023 7:15:26 AM
AI voice translator app launches from Addevice
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AI voice translator app launches from Addevice


AI voice translator app launches from Addevice

Thursday, November 9, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Addevice recently launched its voice and keyboard translation app idict.AI, and it allows users to instantly translate into 137 different languages, and communicate effectively anywhere in the world with translation features including voice, text, photo, scanning, and more, all in one app.

Armenian software development company Addevice has launched idict, a mobile app that allows users to instantly translate both voice and text communications into 137 different languages. idict is now available for mobile phones and tablets on the Apple app store and Google Play.

Addevice launches translation app Idict.AI, that allows users to instantly translate into 137 different languages via voice and keyboard

Easy to use in both personal and professional settings, idict enables users to communicate effectively anywhere in the world with multiple translation features rolled into one app:

  • Voice: users speak into the phone, choose an output language, and have an immediate audio output of their speech in the language of their choice
  • Text: users type in (or copy and paste) text and instantly have it translated into writing with accurate verb conjugation
  • Photo: users photograph an object and can instantly find the word for that object in their native or any other language
  • Scan documents: scan or photograph entire documents and translate all of them to any language within seconds
  • Translation saving: users can save entire translated conversations, specific phrases, and words for quick future reference
  • AI assistant: idict’s AI assistant answers any app-related question a user may have and can respond by both text or voice
Who is idict AI ideal for

Who is idict.AI ideal for?

"idict is ideal for travelers, businesspeople, students, and teachers. Anybody who needs to communicate in a different language quickly, accurately, efficiently, and effectively needs this app. We’re especially proud of the app’s friendly user interface, which lets people navigate it with ease. The intuitive onboarding screen guides users through the app's features and functionalities, ensuring they make the most of our innovative language solution right from the start," said Addevice developer Grigori Jlavyan.

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