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2/1/2024 5:00:10 AM
AI marketing automation from Act On Data Lake
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AI marketing automation from Act On Data Lake

Marketing & Promotion

AI marketing automation from Act On Data Lake

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

The Act-On Data Lake allows for seamless data sharing across platforms, helping marketers master targeted audience segmentation with the help of AI and marketing automation.

Act-On Software is helping marketers harness the power of data and improve customer engagement with a robust Data Lake, functioning as a private Customer Data Platform (CDP) within Act-On’s customer-beloved marketing automation (MA) solution.

As martech stacks become increasingly complex, data extensibility is critical. Act-On’s Data Lake allows for bidirectional sharing of information for a deeper understanding of the customer journey and more effective personalized marketing campaigns based on additional data. Act-On users can import custom first-party data, supplemental second-party data, and account data enrichment to improve campaign performance, while also incorporating third-party intent signal data.

Act-On Data Lake offers smooth data sharing for marketers to better engage target audiences

Act-On streamlines the experience to make marketers’ work more efficient and effective with a comprehensive platform fulfilling all marketing needs. In addition to advanced AI audience segmentation, marketers have access to Act-On Advanced Analytics, a feature that assesses data and campaign performance without the need for IT and data analysts. Flexible filtering, data visualization, and exportable reports give marketers the power of a business intelligence (BI) tool built directly within their MA. Analytics with AI further helps marketers make data-driven improvements to campaigns to better appeal to specific audiences.

All of this is achieved through Act-On’s two-data structure approach. First, Act-On Contacts provides a more traditional marketing account and contact database, which syncs with a CRM to include lead and account behavioral data. Second is the Act-On Data Lake, which helps integrate smart data sharing between platforms through the power of AI and machine learning (ML).

Act-On Data Lake integrates with Snowflake and Snowflake’s Data Marketplace to provide seamless data sharing within the Snowflake ecosystem. Snowflake customers can simply elect to share data across Snowflake instances to bring data into Act-On to drive more effective marketing campaigns.

“The Act-On Data Lake operates like your own private CDP built into the platform, tracking all customer and visitor information and powering Act-On Analytics and AI,” said Act-On SVP of Marketing Jeff Day. “Act-On’s robust analytics engine and data segmentation features make marketers’ jobs easier on every level, simultaneously enhancing performance, efficiency, funnel, and ROI. When marketers own direct customer engagement across email, web pages, social media, SMS, and direct mail, they can elevate their brands and improve their campaign efficacy.”

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