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4/3/2024 10:41:16 AM
AI low code roadmap released by WaveMaker
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AI low code roadmap released by WaveMaker

Artificial Intelligence

AI low code roadmap released by WaveMaker

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

WaveMaker has announced the release of its new modern development system for enterprise-grade software, with an AI-infused low code roadmap that would improve the developer experience and accelerate delivery of pixel perfect software products.

WaveMaker, the breakthrough development system for accelerating enterprise-grade software development, has updated its platform in response to customer demand for more sophisticated API and code management tools. The new version of WaveMaker now works on the latest Angular technology platform.

WaveMaker releases a new modern development system for enterprise-grade software

WaveMaker’s announcement is part of a larger strategy to seamlessly integrate AI into the software development lifecycle, enabling developers to not just accelerate but exponentially improve the quality of enterprise software they write. This forward-thinking approach ensures that WaveMaker's AI-infused low-code architecture stays relevant to its growing base of independent software vendors and enterprise customers.

Leveraging newer technology capabilities, the new WaveMaker enhances developer experience by improving efficiency, and productivity and streamlining studio workflows. Key highlights include an improved version control with an upgraded OpenAPI workspace to view and test all APIs from a single window, and a brand-new intelligent code editor that uses the Monaco framework. The Smart API Imports tool allows for easy reintegration of API versions by automatically detecting and adjusting to changes. It validates bindings and alerts developers when action is needed. The Autocode feature generates page markup, styles, and themes from Figma designs. Smart Templates simplify template selection, aligning with mockups. And finally, the Intelligent Mapping system automatically binds UI elements with API response fields for efficient development.

AI infused low code roadmap to improve the developer experience

AI-infused low code roadmap to improve the developer experience and accelerate the delivery of pixel-perfect software products

Deepak Anupalli, Co-founder and CTO at WaveMaker says, "The integration of the latest Angular framework and other advanced features underscores our commitment to elevate the developers’ experience and performance. We combine cutting-edge technology with expert execution and in-depth domain knowledge to deliver a high-quality and scalable software development environment," he adds.

WaveMaker is now in Version 11.6. Existing customer applications built using the platform are automatically migrated to the latest version, eliminating the burden of migration and refactoring usually involved in vendor product upgrades. WaveMaker is a preferred choice for modernizing enterprise applications, due to its transparent component architecture, open standards, and features like auto-migration and zero DevOps. 

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