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3/26/2024 7:11:09 AM
GPT app store revenue and API insights
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GPT app store revenue and API insights

Artificial Intelligence

GPT app store revenue and API insights

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Freeman Lightner Freeman Lightner

OpenAI's GPT App Store has over 3 million GPT apps already created. The store showcases trending and impactful GPTs, and in Q1 2024, the GPT builder revenue program will launch, enabling builders to earn based on GPT usage. To create your own GPT app, check out the OpenAI API documentation and tips below.

GPT stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer." It refers to a class of artificial intelligence models developed by OpenAI that use transformer architecture for natural language processing tasks. These models are pre-trained on vast amounts of text data and can generate human-like text based on the input they receive. 

It has been two months since the initial announcement of GPT App Store, and an impressive milestone has been reached: users have collectively produced over 3 million custom iterations of ChatGPT. Within this digital marketplace, users can discover an array of GPTs meticulously crafted for different industries and categories, and the store's interface showcases trending and sought-after GPTs through an interactive community leaderboard, spanning various categories including DALL·E, writing, research, programming, education, and lifestyle.

Developer insights into the OpenAI GPT App Store and the App Builder Revenue Program:

The GPT Store regularly spotlights selected GPTs renowned for their unique and impactful functionalities. Some of the initial featured GPTs included:

  • Personalized trail recommendations from AllTrails
  • Comprehensive search and synthesis of results from 200 million academic papers courtesy of Consensus
  • Coding proficiency enhancement through Khan Academy’s Code Tutor
  • Seamless creation of presentations and social media posts with Canva
  • Engaging book recommendations for your next literary journey
  • Convenient math and science learning with the CK-12 Flexi AI tutor

Will OpenAI's GPT App Store play nice with Apple and the Google Play Store?

OpenAI's AI app store is not positioned to directly compete with Apple's App Store or Google Play Store. While these traditional app stores primarily host a wide range of applications, including games, productivity tools, social media platforms, and more, OpenAI's GPT App Store focuses specifically on AI-powered applications and tools.

However, there may be some overlap in terms of certain AI applications that could potentially be available on both platforms. For example, AI-powered productivity tools or language processing applications might be found on both the AI app store and traditional app stores.

That said, OpenAI's AI app store serves a unique niche by offering developers access to cutting-edge AI models, tools, and resources specifically tailored for AI development. Its emphasis on collaboration, ethical AI principles, and innovative AI technologies sets it apart from traditional app stores.

Overall, rather than bonking heads with Apple's App Store or Google Play Store, OpenAI's AI app store complements the existing ecosystem by providing a specialized platform for AI developers to create, share, and distribute AI-powered applications.

How to create a GPT app

According to OpenAI's blog, it is simple to create a GPT app, and you dont even need to be a developer or know how to code, "Building your own GPT is simple and doesn't require any coding skills. If you’d like to share a GPT in the store, you’ll need to:

1. Save your GPT for Everyone (Anyone with a link will not be shown in the store).
Verify your Builder Profile (Settings → Builder profile → Enable your name or a verified website).

2. Please review our latest usage policies and GPT brand guidelines to ensure your GPT is compliant. To help ensure GPTs adhere to our policies, we've established a new review system in addition to the existing safety measures we've built into our products. The review process includes both human and automated review. Users are also able to report GPTs."

Also dont forget to take a moment to review their updated usage policies and GPT brand guidelines to guarantee compliance with standards. They have recently implemented a new review system alongside the existing safety protocols which incorporates both human and automated assessments. Even more, users now have the option to report any GPTs that may raise concerns.

OpenAI API developer documentation

OpenAI API developer documentation

The OpenAI API offers a range of key features that make it a powerful tool for developers looking to integrate natural language processing capabilities into applications.


  • GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo
  • GPT-3.5 Turbo
  • DALL·E
  • TTS
  • Whisper
  • Embeddings
  • Moderation
  • GPT base


  • Text Generation
  • Function Calling
  • Embeddings
  • Fine-tuning
  • Image generation
  • Vision
  • Text-to-speech
  • Speech-to-text
  • Moderation

Link to view the full OpenAI API documentation: https://platform.openai.com/docs/introduction

What is the GPT Builder Revenue Program

What is the GPT Builder Revenue Program? 

The GPT builder revenue program is set to release in Q1 2024, and will allow builders to earn rewards based on GPT usage. Initially launching in the US, builders will receive compensation according to the engagement levels of their GPTs with users. Further specifics regarding the eligibility criteria for payments will be disclosed closer to the program's launch date.

Link to view the GPT App Store: https://chat.openai.com/gpts

Is there an enterprise GPT version?

Yes, OpenAI unveiled the ChatGPT Team plan, tailored to cater to teams of all sizes. Under that plan, team customers gain exclusive access to a secure section within the GPT Store, enabling the publication of GPTs within their workspace. In the near future, ChatGPT Enterprise users will also gain access to the GPT Store, along with advanced administrative controls. These controls empower enterprises to manage internal-only GPTs and dictate the usage of external GPTs within their organization. Notably, all interactions with GPTs on both the ChatGPT Team and Enterprise plans adhere to stringent privacy protocols, ensuring that conversations remain confidential and are not utilized for model refinement purposes.

Top programming GPT apps

Top programming GPT apps

  • Grimoire
  • Python
  • Professional Coder (Auto programming)
  • code
  • DesignerGPT
  • Code Copilot
  • AutoGPT
  • SQL Expert
  • AskTheCode
  • Website Generator
  • AutoExpert (Dev)
  • Screenshot To Code GPT

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