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5/17/2024 1:48:25 PM
Ad free game catalog from Subscrible
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Ad free game catalog from Subscrible

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Ad free game catalog from Subscrible

Friday, May 17, 2024

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Subscrible, initiated by ex-Playrix team members, has launched an ad-free gaming catalog, providing a seamless experience without disruptive ads. Founded by Evgeny Unegovsky and Igor Diev, the platform supports game developers with profitable traffic management and has gained over 15,000 users already.

Subscrible announced the launch of its game catalog app that offers an ad-free, uninterrupted gaming experience. It is free for gamers to use and addresses the problem that developers frequently lose revenues from poor-quality ads, as they degrade the user experience, and disabling ads does not solve this problem for gamers. Founded by Evgeny Unegovsky and ex-Playrix's UA manager, Igor Diev, the game catalog has already amassed over 15,000 users. The catalog features games such as Archero, Asphalt, Fantastic Jewel Lost Kingdom, and more. The startup is backed by $300,000 of business angel investments and plans to close a new round of funding within the next few months.

Subscrible, the ad-free mobile game catalog that can triple the profit margins for game developers

Unlike its competitors Multiscription, Apple Arcade, and Google Play Pass, the game catalog app is entirely free for gamers and operates as an “offerwall” monetization tool within the gaming industry. This approach not only improves the gamer experience by eliminating disruptive ads but also benefits game developers through efficient traffic management, which increases profitability while reducing user acquisition costs. Its model thus supports both higher gamer retention and superior revenue outcomes for developers.

Furthermore, Subscrible serves as an innovative publishing model, offering extensive assistance to game developers. It delivers diverse analytical and legal counsel through collaborative partnerships, empowering startups and established projects to streamline operations and enhance efficiency without incurring extra expenses.

Subscrible is boosting developer profits and enhancing user experience

Subscrible is boosting developer profits and enhancing user experience

By leveraging a single acquisition to engage users across multiple titles, Subscrible significantly reduces acquisition costs. It's important to note that while game companies spend nearly $27 billion on user acquisition, only about 10% of this investment is recouped as revenue from game studios, primarily through non-intrusive advertising formats.

Evgeny Unegovsky, Co-founder and CEO of Subscrible explained: "Intrusive ads, which players universally dislike, make up a small percentage of revenue in quality games. By cutting acquisition costs by even 20%, we can triple the profit margins for game developers. This approach not only maximizes efficiency but also aligns with consumer preferences for minimal ad interruptions, enhancing overall user satisfaction."

Research shows that players typically explore approximately 5.6 games on average, a figure that our own metrics consistently support. Users can't pay for individual ad-disabling solutions for every game, they need a unified solution. Moreover, 32% of mobile gamers plan to spend less on in-app purchases in 2024, which aggravates the challenge of user retention. These findings prompted the Subscrible team to launch the first game catalog application that eliminated the need for advertising.

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