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1/24/2017 6:17:02 PM
Enterprise BYOD post holiday woes
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Enterprise BYOD post holiday woes


Enterprise BYOD post holiday woes

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mitch Black Mitch Black

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are a constant enterprise challenge. For unprepared organizations, the holidays can be especially difficult.

Christmas to New Year’s Day is typically a peak time to purchase and/or download apps, so how can your enterprise effectively enroll an influx of new users and devices without compromising program security? While the recent holiday season may soon seem like a distant memory, it isn’t too late to react and is certainly early enough to plan for this year and beyond. Here are some suggestions to start off on the right foot:

Network Security

Network access and data security should be a top preparation priority for enterprises in 2017. Hackers know that the holiday season puts a serious strain on BYOD programs, so companies should audit network encryptions and authorizations early to ensure programs are equipped to handle more attacks than usual.
For the first few months of the year, enterprises need to be extremely attentive to network and data access requests. Employees should be required to enroll any new device(s) they intend to use for work. This not only helps track BYOD device usage and behavior, but prevents unauthorized and potentially dangerous breaches. If there is a sudden spike in the number and/or data usage of employee devices, companies should prepare to increase Wi-Fi network bandwidth and access points.

BYOD users also tend to forget device passwords and passcodes after extended breaks, further burdening IT during this time of year. Implementing automated authentication resets frees up program resources and, according to Forrester, can save an enterprise up to $70 each time they’re used. 

Employee Education

Leadership should remind employees of all relevant data storage rules and restrictions as soon as the new year starts. Users should be educated on any new or especially harmful BYOD program threats so they clearly understand the consequences of unsafe behavior and usage.

It’s also important to provide accessible and easy-to-use BYOD resources to employees.  An updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) guide, for example, optimizes mobility program support efforts and helps maintain enterprise security and big-picture BYOD initiatives.

If an enterprise manages an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, it should circulate step-by-step enrollment instructions to all BYOD users both before and after the holidays to maximize individual device encryption. EMM software can also be used to configure carrier activations and application installation, further reducing the likelihood of data loss or leakage.

Policy Review

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to re-assess enterprise BYOD policies. IT managers should review all security standards and technologies to ensure they’re updated and capable of protecting any enrolled device or user.
Policy review not only confirms BYOD security, but optimal program effectiveness and impact as well. Companies need to make sure all
Mitch Black 

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Mitch Black, President at MOBI
outlined rules and restrictions satisfy evolving mobile strategy needs and shouldn’t hesitate to alter or eliminate those that don’t. Unsatisfactory rules and restrictions can negatively affect user productivity, satisfaction, and adherence.

Corporate device access permissions and data ownership also need to be clearly defined. Users will not only be more accountable and understanding of device monitoring, they’ll be more willing and able to protect sensitive data and access points themselves. Device firmware and operating systems should also be restricted to those tested and proven to be compatible and compliant with your BYOD policies.

BYOD program management can be a daunting task, but with careful consideration and preparation enterprises can make mobility programs successful and impactful. By protecting networks, making employees aware of potential mobile device dangers, and reviewing corporate BYOD policies, companies can stay protected and ensure a happy new year.

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