1. Powered by Epoxy is working!
12/15/2016 1:04:40 PM
Powered by Epoxy is working!
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Powered by Epoxy is working!

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Apps Thursday, December 15, 2016

Epoxy, Inc. is the developer of the Epoxy App, an application for iPhone iOS and Android operating systems. It is a smartphone application designed to connect business owners and consumers to ease marketing frustrations.

They have seen good results with its response to the "Powered by Epoxy" addition to their business model. The new addition is allowing their company to offer a system of solutions to large companies without the typical high cost of development, testing, training and ongoing improvements, including full technical support and updates with the latest operating systems from Apple and Android. They are providing internal training for company representatives on the system and how to effectively use it and how it can be customized to suit individual company needs.

They are always looking to provide solutions in a space that can be very challenging and overwhelming to businesses. The company recognizes the need to provide a cost-effective solution for database management and marketing to all sizes of companies.

Recent marketing and development efforts have produced expansion into the Canadian "health care" market with an initial launch of the pilot program of our "Powered by Epoxy" system, along with the recently announced expansion into the tobacco and U.S. health care market.

The development program creates a complementary revenue stream with an upfront development fee followed by a reoccurring monthly management fee which includes database management, additional feature add-ons, technical support and staff training. The Revenue will help fund the expansion of core business into new market places and geographic regions while continuing to add smaller independent shops and chains to the Epoxy App.