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Cortet Connectivity Suite gets new features to better control IoT devices
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Cortet Connectivity Suite gets new features to better control IoT devices

Richard Harris Richard Harris in IoT Wednesday, October 5, 2016

CEL has announced that it has added new features for its Cortet Connectivity Suite.  Cortet enables building automation, lighting control, and industrial and machine to machine (M2M) product manufacturers to confidently link their physical 'things' to the digital world.

CEL’s new Cortet Voice Control makes it easy for integrators and manufacturers to add natural voice control capabilities for a wide range of devices.

The new Cortet Instant Broadcast architecture solves the problem of “popcorning”, or latency from network delays, that can occur when a single command is used to control a wide range of networked lights, appliances and devices. By using Cortet Instant Broadcast, instead of coming on at various times, all the devices actuate simultaneously and without delay.

At Sensors Midwest, CEL demonstrated a lighting-specific implementation of Cortet that enables smart lights to be easily controllable by a mobile app and by cloud platforms including voice control with Amazon's Echo.  This solution includes RF hardware, firmware, application software, and remote cloud software.
Cortet enables OEMs and developers to radio enable their appliances, devices and sensors, and also integrate them into an intelligent solution complete with local and IoT based controls, analytics, and application software.

Read more: http://cortet.cel.com/


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