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20 percent of mobile app crashes are correlated with a network issue report finds
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20 percent of mobile app crashes are correlated with a network issue report finds

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Analytics Monday, October 3, 2016

Apteligent just launched Custom Insights, a new feature that offers customer tools for mobile big data and data science. Apteligent used the feature internally to publish the first of many previously unknown findings in its latest industry report, “Network Crash Edition.” 

The report reveals interactions with cloud services cause a surprisingly high number of crashes on iOS and Android apps. The report also evaluates which app store categories are the most impacted by networking issues and identifies why these issues occur at such an alarming rate.

Key takeaways from the report include:

- 20 percent of mobile app crashes are correlated with a network issue

- Android Nougat is 2.5 times more likely to have a network crash than iOS 10

- Fabric, Twitter's mobile platform, crashes apps. It ranks third worst in analytics and fifth worst in advertising

- Medical, finance and shopping apps are extremely susceptible to network crashes

- 88 percent of network calls involved in a crash were successful but returned unexpected data that led to a crash. In fact, 10 percent of successful network calls returned no data and then led to a network crash

Key features of Custom Insights include:

- Correlate vast amounts of underlying app data with marketing performance metrics in a simple way

- Manage data-driven decisions with custom reports containing the statistical analysis and insights to improve mobile business

- Leverage data science tools and Apteligent’s global data to contextualize your app’s data for predictive analysis

Read more: http://www.apteligent.com/

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