ironSource Launches Ad Engagement Intelligence to Help Improve Engagement

Posted 9/23/2016 10:00:08 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

ironSource Launches Ad Engagement Intelligence to Help Improve Engagement
ironSource has released a major feature for its Mediation Platform, adding ‘User-level Analytics’, advanced ‘Frequency Capping,’ and ‘Delivery Pacing’ tools to their Ad Placement Technology. Developers will now have the ability to see in-depth user-level ad engagement, and make optimal placement and pacing customizations to improve engagement and retention
The latest release will provide developers with the most comprehensive toolset to understand and manage where, when and how often their users are engaging in-app advertising. This level of control ensures an app’s ad experience is optimized for both engagement and user experience, two main contributing factors to healthy and ongoing ad revenues. 
The division between ad network performance data and user level indicators makes it difficult for developers to discern between advertising and IAP revenue performance. The new user-level KPIs from ironSource, for the first time, translate ad monetization metrics into engagement KPI’s that developers can understand and align with their overall business, giving them a clear and digestible data-set to optimize engagement and user retention for both revenue streams. These metrics will provide key data such as Revenue per Active User, Revenue per Engaged User, Impressions per Engaged User and Engagement Rate, to name a few. 

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