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Unravel Data Launches Performance Intelligence Platform

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9/20/2016 11:03:52 AM
Unravel Data Launches Performance Intelligence Platform
Posted Tuesday, September 20, 2016 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Unravel Data Launches Performance Intelligence Platform
Unravel Data, provider of a full-stack performance intelligence platform for optimizing Big Data operations (DataOps), has emerged from stealth, announcing the first-ever platform to accelerate Big Data applications, optimize resource usage, and provide operations intelligence, all from a single platform. 

Addressing the larger Big Data market, which analysts at IDC estimate will be worth $187 billion by 2019, Unravel Data helps DataOps teams, which includes data scientists, BI analysts, IT operations and systems architects, resolve performance and reliability issues with Big Data applications running on clusters scaling up to several thousand nodes. With a click of a button, the Unravel platform provides DataOps teams with actionable information to accelerate time-to-value from their Big Data applications.

Unravel Data is available immediately for on-premises, cloud or hybrid Big Data deployments. Unravel Data currently supports Hadoop, Spark and Kafka, with plans to add support for other systems such as for data ingestion (Storm, Flume), NoSQL systems (Cassandra, HBase) and MPP systems (Impala, Drill).


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