Adaptive Medias Adds Media Street's Video Advertising Technology

Posted 2/21/2016 12:06:11 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Adaptive Medias Adds Media Street
Adaptive Medias has added Media Street’s mobile video advertising technology that supports publishers, content producers and brand advertisers with the integration of the Media Graph ad-tech platform, which provides an international cross-platform advertising firm for buyers and sellers of digital media. 

Media Street’s Media Graph’s “mobile-first” video player offers a  video content and advertising marketplace to manage mobile, display, social, and video advertising campaigns. The platform provides viewability tools on its platform that enables advertisers and publishers with the ability to gauge their inventory quality on an in-depth level. 

Media Street video targeting options include:

- Retargeting
- IP Targeting
- Geo targeting and reporting down to the zip code level
- Audience Targeting using 3rd party data
- Audience Extension for publishers
- Contextual targeting to sites based on keywords or categories
- Site list targeting
- Facebook Exchange: News Feed and right-hand rail

Specifics on Media Street’s video offering includes the following:

RTB platform for all video types
- In-stream video
- 15, 30, and 60-second inventory
- Includes companion banners
- Ability to host creative directly and support 3rd party tags
Display capabilities available in video include
- Audience targeting just like television with more robust targeting options
- Audience targeting via third-party data
- Look-a-like modeling: build audience models based on insights
- Geo-zone targeting: price impressions by a user’s proximity to a location
- Contextual and site retargeting on par with TV
Detailed reporting
- View performance for video and display in one report
- Same granularity as display reporting today
- Additional video-specific metrics such as completion rate quartiles

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