2/21/2016 4:06:09 PM
VMware AirWatch 8.3 Release Includes Enhanced Security Functionality
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VMware AirWatch 8.3 Release Includes Enhanced Security Functionality

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Security Sunday, February 21, 2016

The latest rendition of the VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform, AirWatch 8.3, has been released now providing support for the VMwareWorkspace ONE app to help organize app access and eliminate the need for passwords. It also expands the AirWatch Privacy First program with a user-facing website and visual privacy notice to mitigate concerns through transparent privacy education and introduces a redesigned VMware AirWatch Content Locker.

AirWatch 8.3 is designed to support the Workspace ONE app and will allow users to access any application - native, web or remote - through a single application catalog across every device. One-touch mobile single sign-on (SSO) allows users to access these apps without passwords or PIN challenges by leveraging a SATS (secure app token system). VMware developed the patent-pending SATS technology to enable SSO across desktop, mobile native and cloud applications. This unified app catalog will give users consolidated access to corporate apps in a secure mobile application management (MAM) container.

AirWatch 8.3 also expands the AirWatch Privacy First Program with a user-facing website and visual privacy app to provide education to address privacy concerns. The new website, WhatIsAirWatch.com educates users on the value of BYOD for their personal efficiency and informs users that AirWatch's mobile management system separates work and personal data, preventing IT from capturing personal information such as texts, personal emails, photos and more. 

The AirWatch administrator console now has a Privacy Officer role to delegate privacy policy management so that only the Privacy Officer will be able to edit privacy policies, adding another layer of security for end-users.

AirWatch also introduced a redesigned AirWatch Content Locker for iOS for secure content aggregation across various storage repositories. The app brings navigation, improved search across content repositories and quick access to important content right from the home screen.

AirWatch 8.3 also introduces industry templates, conditional access to mobile apps and device-to-datacenter security with expanded integration between AirWatch andVMware NSX network virtualization.

With more than 62,000 VMware End-User Computing customers, VMware has taken insights from thousands of mobile deployments to derive ways to perform industry-specific workflows. Based on anonymous aggregated data and intelligence and working with Apple, AirWatch 8.3’s offers industry templates and intelligent wizard-driven workflows which provide data-driven templates that identify and recommend the best iOS apps, configurations and policies for their business initiatives.

AirWatch 8.3 also introduces conditional access to work applications, powered by VMware Identity Manager. This authentication module provides only compliant, managed mobile apps with access an organization's business systems. Leveraging the VMware SATS technology and native OS controls, IT will be able to provide conditional access to every app in the app store with no SDK, app wrapping or code changes required. This module will be able to provide a better experience for users by eliminating the need for passwords to access these apps while at the same time making them more secure.

Other security enhancements with AirWatch 8.3 include expanded integration with VMware NSX to provide security between an AirWatch-managed device and the VMware NSX micro-segmented cloud data center. Administrators will be able to dynamically set policies between AirWatch and VMware NSX from a single console, helping securing their digital workspace by limiting the footprint mobile apps, data, devices and networks have inside the datacenter connection. 

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