3/17/2014 12:02:07 PM
Mobile Gaming Apps Ripe for Cyber Attacks
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Mobile Gaming Apps Ripe for Cyber Attacks

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Programming Monday, March 17, 2014

One thing is universal, criminals chase the money and with billions in online and mobile gaming you can be sure that cyber thieves are busy figuring out ways to get their hands on a piece of the pie.

That’s why one of this week’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) presentations that caught our eye is a presentation by Peak 10 and Curse to explore new models for scaling, safeguarding user data and surviving data threats.

According to Peak 10, recent advances in IT infrastructure delivery have changed the way gaming companies are supporting their server and network infrastructure. Cloud computing has risen as a delivery model, yet pervasive bandwidth and malicious software is putting creating opportunities for massive, nearly-untraceable attack capabilities. 

Bill Cashman, gaming infrastructure design architect for Peak 10 and Bryan McLemore, director of IT for Curse, will address how gaming companies are rethinking critical strategies in order to support their online presences in today’s evolving infrastructure landscape during the interactive discussion, “Metagame: Scale Resources, Protect Data, Survive Threats.”
The presentation will address the rise of online gaming and app development and how this environment is increasing the demand for flexible, scalable infrastructure solutions that enable developers to design the games and apps, and publishers to launch them into production environments quickly and efficiently. 

Read more: http://www.peak10.com/blog/post/peak-10-and-curse-...


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