1. WWDC 2013 Keynote Highlights
6/10/2013 3:12:17 PM
WWDC 2013 Keynote Highlights
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WWDC 2013 Keynote Highlights


WWDC 2013 Keynote Highlights

Monday, June 10, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Watching the first ever live stream of the WWDC hosted by Apple was a bit like Christmas! It was really almost like being there, and minus some short glitches of frozen video, and going in and out of HD  / low res quality I loved sitting in the conference room here, watching the coverage from my office chair, and not being surrounded by thousands of others all trying to hear what was firing off on stage. I can't wait to see the numbers of all who tuned in over the web.

Overall it was a nice launch and had that usual "take my money" appeal for many when they saw the intro of the new Mac Pro, and iOS7. 

There are now 6.5 million registered Apple developers

Apple Retail Update

  • 1 million people per day purchase something from Apple retail
  • 407 Apple stores in 14 countries

iOS App Store

  • The App store is almost 5 years old, with over 50 billion apps download
  • 900,000 apps in store
  • 90% of those are downloaded each month
  • 375k ipad apps
  • 575,000 apple accounts using iOS app store
  • more accounts with CC attached than any other online store
  • Developers now paid out 10 billion dollars
  • 5 billion of that just in the past year ( 3X more than all other platforms combined  (20% android, 6% other)


  • 72 million MAC users
  • Macbook is #1 notebook in US
  • 28 million copies of Mountain Lion shipped
  • 35% of Mac users are using latest version of OS
  • OSX gets update with "OSX Mavericks"
  • Finder gets tabs, tagging, and multiple displays enhancements
  • Compressed memory, app nap (awesome battery demo), open GL 4
  • Mavericks up to 1.4X faster than Mountain Lion
  • Safari gets new way of using bookmarks, and is faster than any other browser using JS script
  • iCloud keychain, website logins, cc numbers, wifi networks, 256bit AES encryption
  • Notifications gets replies, you can also sign up to get push notifications to your mac from iOS apps
  • Maps come to Mac, send maps to iOS (including routes)
  • iBooks comes to Mac
  • Mavricks coming this fall

Macbook Air refresh

  • All day better life (12 hours for 13" Air)
  • Intel 4th gen CPU
  • Slightly less expensive than previous generation
  • Starts shipping today

Mac Pro (Sneak Peak)

  • CPU, memory, all built around a unified core
  • Xeon CPU
  • 1866 MHZ DDR3 Memory
  • PCIe based flash
  • Thunderbolt 2, 20Gbps throughput
  • Dual workstation GPU's
  • Coming later this year


  • 300 million accounts
  • Game Center has 240 million users
  • 60% of the games in the iOS app store use Game Center
  • 7.5 trillion push notifications through iCloud
  • iWork for iCloud, use iWork on a PC!
  • Universal access across any computer can use iCloud


  • Sold over 600 million iOS devices
  • Experine Study shows iOS used more than 50% than Android users
  • 82% iPad tablet market share
  • iOS 7 announced
  • Parallax views
  • Control Center (flip for quick controls, including flashlight (there goes flashlight apps) from anywhere in the device
  • Multitasking for all apps
  • Airdrop allows system wide sharing, peer to peer wifi. Only supported on iPhone 5
  • Photo app get refreshed, including new sharing and new organization, and videos over streaming finally
  • IOS in the car
  • Released later this fall (perhaps with some new hardware to help push it out?)
  • Find apps based on your location
  • Search apps by Age group too

Read more: http://www.apple.com

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